Our teaching

Our teaching

Our Teaching

The School of Engineering is committed to providing world-class education that progressively builds student's skills to tackle complex industrial problems, adding to their overall employability.

Developing Transferable Skills through Project-Based Learning

ENGG200/300 students

Transferable skills are the most relevant and important sets of skills for tackling the 21st century. These skills include problem-solving, written and verbal communication, teamwork and project management capabilities. At MQ Engineering, contemporary and real-world engineering problems are contextualised to provide students with a sense of realism when undertaking these engineering projects. All students are trained to use industry-standard software to prepare students for best engineering practices; this includes project management tools such as JIRA and CONFLUENCE.

SPINE units are a unique and integral part of the MQ Engineering curriculum designed to explicitly teach transferable skills.   Students engage with real-world problem challenges in a wide range of project-based learning activities. These units incorporate teamwork with students from all engineering disciplines to produce technical solutions to large, complex and multifaceted engineering problems. MQ Engineering students are constantly situated in a simulated work environment to build their skills and confidence in effective communication and teamwork with professionals across disciplines.

Promoting Leadership in Engineering

Engineering students in MQ are trained in skills and abilities to identify engineering problems such as inefficiencies in workplace processes and gaps in the product market. In the 4th year Mechanical engineering capstone unit, for example, students are required to apply skills that extend beyond their engineering training. Students undertake problem definition, solution ideation, design variance, market analysis, financial cost analysis, product prototyping and ultimately, the opportunity to pitch their product value proposition to our industry panel judges; similar to the "Shark-tank" competitions.

ENGG200/300 Showcase

Our students have successfully extended their inventions into start-ups ventures via crowdsourcing platforms such as Kickstarter (See www.mqidea.com), and there is increasing evidence that students are gaining employability through our unique training.

Quote from 4th year engineering graduate

Engaging with Industries and Practical Learning

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Practical learning and ensuring that students have adequate work exposure in engineering industries before graduating are the core training beliefs that underpin all MQ Engineering programs. MQ Engineering is strategically located and closely connected with the technological industries located in the Macquarie Park Innovation District (MPID). The majority of our 4th year engineering thesis topics, for example, are centred around real problems in biomedical, mechatronics, mechanical, electronic, telecommunications and computing companies in the MPID.

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