Reconfigurable Electronics and Antennas

Reconfigurable Electronics and Antennas

Reconfigurable Electronics Reconfigurable electronics Research staff member in our lab

Hot topics

  • Reconfigurable Electronics
  • Reconfigurable Antennas

Recent Achievements

  • GaN transistor model developed by Dr Sourabh Khandelwal selected as a world-wide industry standard

Group Members

Photo Members Research Areas
Ediz Cetin Ediz Cetin
Senior Lecturer
Full Profile
  • Inference detection and localisation
  • Fault-tolerant reconfigurable circuits
  • Adaptive techniques for RF impairment mitigation for communications and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receivers
  • Digitally enhanced, flexible, low-complexity communications and GNSS receivers
  • Silicon implementation and testing of processors and embedded systems
Photo of Sudipta Chakraborty Sudipta Chakraborty
Full Profile
  • Microwave and millimetre-wave (active and passive circuits) in GaAs technologies
  • Microwave and millimetre-wave (active and passive circuits) in SiGe technologies
  • GaN Power amplifiers

Professor Karu Esselle

Karu Esselle
Full Profile

  • Wireless Implantable Bio-Telemetry System and Miniature Antenna Design
  • Flexible and Wearable Antennas for Biomedical and Healthcare applications

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Raheel Hashmi
Full Profile

  • Millimetre-wave antenna design and technologies
  • Wideband planar high-gain antennas and arrays
  • Device integrated antennas for bio-medical, wearable, and sensor applications

Professor Michael Heimlich

Michael Heimlich
Full Profile

  • RF/microwave MMIC and RFIC modelling
  • Design flow theory
  • Adaptive and reconfigurable wireless circuits
  • UWB for medical body area networks (MBAN)
 Sourabh Khandelwal
Senior Lecturer
Full Profile
  • Advanced semiconductor devices including physics-base modeling, device design and analysis, TCAD, DC and RF characterization and bench-mark circuit simulations

Yinan Kong, Senior Lecturer

Yinan Kong
Senior Lecturer
Full Profile

  • Digital Arithmetic
  • The Residue Number System (RNS)
  • Cryptographic Circuit
Photograph of Tony Parker  

Tony Parker
Full Profile

  • Microwave Electronics
  • Circuits and Devices
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