Academic Assistance

Academic Assistance


Health and Wellbeing

HDR Supervisors

If you have a new HDR student starting, you must let Catherine know ASAP so she can prepare for their arrival, including arranging desk space where needed. Students need to be allocated a desk by Catherine - it's important that students do not sit at a desk without a name plate and previous discussion with Catherine.

More Information

Honorary Applications and Renewals

For Renewals: the person who wants their honorary position to be renewed will need to submit a 2 page document. 1 page is to be on their contributions to date, and the other page is to be on their predicted contributions to the School for the next 12 months.

Exam / Assignment Collection

When it comes time to collect exams and/or assignments, Rachel with contact you with instructions on what to do.

Grade Entry/ Grade Change

Rachel takes care of grade entries - if you are looking to change a grade for a student, just let Rachel know the new grade and mark

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