Technical Support

Technical Support

School of Engineering Laboratories

If you require access to any Engineering research laboratory, please complete the Application for Laboratory Access Form which is available via OneHelp.

Full information on research laboratories and safety is available on the School of Engineering Lab and Tech Services Sharepoint site.

Meet the Technical Team

Alexander Arriola
Technical Team Manager
44 WTR G60
(02) 9850 2177

Vahik Avakian
Technical Officer (Mechanical)
13RPD 111C
(02) 9850 9142

Elton Button
Technical Officer - Machinist
44WTR G41
(02) 9850 2137

Aaron Colusso
Technical Officer
44WTR G41
(02) 9850 2111

Amir Safari
Technical Support Officer - Electrical
44WTR G60
(02) 9850 9162

Yimin Xie
Electronics Laboratory Officer
09WW 241
(02) 9850 9062

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