Administration Assistance

Administration Assistance

Meet the Professional Team

 Imogen Da Silva
School Manager
50WTR 130
(02) 9850 9479
 Byron Wilson
Program Manager
50WTR 130
(02) 9850 1509
 Rachel Kyung
Administrator Academic
50WTR 131
(02) 9850 7924
 Daniel Crippa
Administrator Finance/Staff (MADLAB)
50WTR 128
(02) 9850 9153
 Sheley Kurniawan
Administrator Finance/Staff
50WTR 131
(02) 9850 9076
 Hannah Woodrow Clark
Administrator and Outreach Coordinator
50WTR 128
(02) 9850 9148
 Fredrick Chege
Administrative Assistant
50WTR 128
(02) 9850 9268
 Nithya Elango
Administrative Assistant
50WTR 128
(02) 9850 2278
 Catherine Tolentino
Administrative Assistant
50WTR 128
(02) 9850 9376

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Who Can I Speak to...

Office Administration

TaskWho to Contact
Building maintenance issuesHannah Woodrow Clark
Catering for meetingsHannah Woodrow Clark
Email GroupsHannah Woodrow Clark
General enquiries
HDR Committee support Catherine Tolentino
L & T Committee supportRachel Kyung
Outreach Committee supportHannah Woodrow Clark
Research Committee support Imogen Da Silva
StationeryDaniel Crippa
Travel (AoD, Conference registration, accommodation, flights)Catherine Tolentino

Dean of School

TaskWho to contact
Diary ManagementHannah Woodrow Clark

Undergraduate Support

TaskWho to contact
Academic AdvisingRachel Kyung
Grade ChangesRachel Kyung
Special ConsiderationRachel Kyung
Student EnquiriesRachel Kyung
WaiversRachel Kyung

HDR Support (PhD and MRes)

TaskWho to contact
Awards/ScholarshipsCatherine Tolentino
Candidature AdministrationCatherine Tolentino
HDR BudgetsCatherine Tolentino
HDR Committee SupportCatherine Tolentino
HDR InductionsCatherine Tolentino
HDR Space ManagementCatherine Tolentino
HDR Support and ManagementCatherine Tolentino
HDR TravelCatherine Tolentino
PGRFCatherine Tolentino
Thesis RegisterCatherine Tolentino

Learning and Teaching

TaskWho to contact
Academic SupportRachel Kyung
AccreditationByron Wilson
Awards/ScholarshipsRachel Kyung
Class ListsRachel Kyung
Class ManagementRachel Kyung
Convenor SupportRachel Kyung
HDR Committee SupportCatherine Tolentino
iLearn SupportRachel Kyung
L & T Committee SupportRachel Kyung
TimetablingRachel Kyung
Tutor AllocationRachel Kyung
Tutor FeedbackRachel Kyung

Human Resources

TaskWho to contact
Casual Academic AppointmentsRachel Kyung
Casual Professional AppointmentsSheley Kurniawan
Fixed Term AppointmentsSheley Kurniawan
Continuing AppointmentsSheley Kurniawan
HonorariesRachel Kyung
Visiting Scholars Rachel Kyung


TaskWho to contact
BudgetingSheley Kurniawan
Concur/ Credit Card queriesDaniel Crippa
Financial EnquiriesSheley Kurniawan
Financial ReportsSheley Kurniawan
ForecastingSheley Kurniawan
High-Level Expenditure AnalysisSheley Kurniawan
JournalsSheley Kurniawan
NOPFs (reimbursements, per diem, substantiations)Daniel Crippa
One-off paymentsSheley Kurniawan
Project Accounts ReportingSheley Kurniawan
Project Accounts ManagementSheley Kurniawan


TaskWho to contact
InvoicesDaniel Crippa
Purchase OrdersDaniel Crippa
StationeryDaniel Crippa
Sundry DebtorsSheley Kurniawan

Outreach/ Marketing

TaskWho to contact
Department ConferencesHannah Woodrow Clark
EventsHannah Woodrow Clark
Large MeetingsHannah Woodrow Clark
Marketing CollateralHannah Woodrow Clark
Outreach ActivitiesHannah Woodrow Clark
Outreach Committee SupportHannah Woodrow Clark
School NewsletterHannah Woodrow Clark
Social MediaHannah Woodrow Clark
WebsiteHannah Woodrow Clark

Policies and Procedures

Purchasing IT Equipment

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has a procedure for the purchase of IT equipment, to ensure all processes are completed and in the correct order. Faculty IT checks the specs are fit for purpose and at the cheapest price. We check to see if we have spares available to avoid a purchase and save money

FSE IT Purchasing process

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