Visiting Engineers

Visiting Engineers

Photo of Kate Suppel

Dr Kate Suppel

Dr Kate Suppel is an engineer and researcher who has worked in manufacturing, mining, refining, chemical and power industries. Having worked in these industries it has made Kate aware of the opportunities to better manage and recycle by-products and recycle industrial equipment that has exceeded design requirements. Kate has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering in Physical Metallurgy, Masters of Engineering Management and a Graduate Certificate in Corrosion Engineering. Kate’s focus in the incubator team is to investigate the methods for recycling electrochemical materials and synergies for recycling industrial waste into other processing streams.

Photo of Rhys Newman

Mr Rhys Newman

Rhys has over 20 years' experience in Australia and the UK taking fundamental research ideas through conception to commercial success. A founder or initial CTO of 8 start-up technology companies, 3 of them direct spin-outs from Oxford University, Rhys has helped venture backed companies raise over $22 million in total over multiple series A, B and seed rounds. A technology enthusiast in a wide range of industries from Medtech, Agritech, Fintech, Minetech, B2C and B2B; he is an international award winning expert in Computer Vision, Distributed Computing and Machine Learning.

Photo of Rupert Reeve

Mr Rupert Reeve

Rupert is an experienced leader of high-tech development projects. Recent works have applied computer vision, machine learning and image processing to products for video surveillance, virtual reality, display and camera systems. Rupert has passion for seeing ideas developed into practical technology with commercial value.

Photo of Samson Lee

Mr Samson Lee

Samson is an engineer with over 15 years of experience leading computer vision, imaging and streaming media projects in Sydney and in New York. He has played key roles through all stages of research and product development, including design, development and quality assurance. Samson is currently the co-founder of a startup developing vision technologies for autonomous vehicles.

Photo of Amir Tadros

Dr Amir Tadros

Over the past 23 years, Dr Tadros has successfully delivered in the role of engineering manager, design manager and project manager within engineering consultancy and construction businesses, facilitating multi-disciplinary cross continental teams and linking the industry to engineering communities and the academia. His role in the delivery of complex D&C projects has allowed an understanding of the difference between real and perceived risks and its effect on the overall project cost/delivery. Having business acumen, Amir chooses and coordinates with the right technology partner(s) from the initial bidding stage to project completion. Compliance to relevant standards and regulations has been a focus during Amir’s career, having designed, reviewed and tested a number of equipment and engineering systems. Dr Tadros is an engineering leader with academic experience and he leads the industry by collaborating with colleagues to publish innovative work.

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