School of Engineering

School of Engineering

School of Engineering

We are forming a community of innovators with a passion for research and making a real impact.

We offer a cross-disciplinary program with a focus on electronics, communication systems, mechatronics and mechanical engineering. From 2020, the School will also offer civil engineering.  With state-of-the-art facilities, our students will have the opportunity to work in an RF-Shielded Chamber, use a wind tunnel, and have access to Large-Signal Nonlinear Network Measurements and on-wafer device probing. Many of our students take engineering as a double-degree alongside business administration, commerce or science.

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We emphasise supported learning in both our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. We have a high tutor-to-student ratio to guarantee our students receive individualised tutoring and support. Our academics research staff are world-renown experts in their fields and leading research in areas including antenna design, next generation wireless communication systems, and microelectronics.

The Macquarie University Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) program gives students the opportunity to engage with our industry partners throughout their degree. Our partnerships help students through work experience placements, scholarships and final-year projects. Major partners include Optus and Macom.

Our students have a hands-on experience throughout their degree as we prepare them to work in their chosen area of specialisation and give them a strong foundation in basic sciences and core areas of engineering.

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