Our people

Our people

Gillian Heller

Head of Department 

Professor Gillian Heller

Professor Gillian Heller's research interests include flexible regression modelling, generalized linear modelling, biostatistical applications and functional data analysis.

Academic staff

Name Research interests

Professor Ian Marschner
E: ian.marschner@mq.edu.au
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 525

  • Design and analysis of randomised clinical trials
  • Risk factor modelling in clinical epidemiology
  • Biostatistical methods for surrogate outcomes, missing data and measurement error
  • EM type algorithms in statistical computing

Professor Barry Quinn
E: barry.quinn@mq.edu.au
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 625

  • Time series analysis, especially in its relationship with Signal Processing.
  • The estimation of frequency and related problems.

Associate Professor Ayse Bilgin
E: ayse.bilgin@mq.edu.au
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 635

  • Data Mining
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Quality Improvement in Hospitals (NSW)

Associate Professor Jun Ma
E: jun.ma@mq.edu.au
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 526

  • Smoothing parameter selection in medical image reconstructions.
  • Mixture models
  • Multiplicative iterative methods for positive constrained maximum penalized likelihood image reconstruction in emission tomography
  • Iterative Bayes algorithms for positive linear inverse problems

Dr David Bulger
Senior Lecturer
E: david.bulger@mq.edu.au
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 530

  • Stochastic global optimisation
  • Quantum computation
  • Bioinformatics

Dr Petra Graham
Senior Lecturer
E: petra.graham@mq.edu.au        
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 638

  • Meta-analysis
  • Generalized linear modelling
  • The application of Bayesian methods in medicine and health
  • Biostatistics
  • Nonparametric statistics
  • Statistical computing

Dr Nino Kordzakhia
Senior Lecturer  
E: nino.kordzakhia@mq.edu.au
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 610


Dr Kehui Luo
Senior Lecturer 
E: kehui.luo@mq.edu.au
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 529

  • Statistical applications in epidemiological, biological, health and medical science areas

Dr Tania Prvan
Senior Lecturer
E: tania.prvan@mq.edu.au
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 629

  • Programming of generalised smoothing splines

Dr Georgy Sofronov
Senior Lecturer
E: georgy.sofronov@mq.edu.au      
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 535

  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods, Cross-Entropy method
  • Small Area Estimation, Biological models
  • Theory and applications of random processes, optimal stopping rules
  • Sequential analysis, asymptotic theory, change-point problems

Dr Ken Beath
E: ken.beath@mq.edu.au        
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 634

  • Mixture and latent variable models, particularly application to longitudinal data
  • Computational methods for latent variable models
  • Infant growth modelling
  • Order determination for mixture models

Ms KJ Byun
E: kj.byun@mq.edu.au        
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 614

  • Modelling of Housing Market
  • Prediction and Comparison of Sporting Performances
  • Analysis of Financial Surveys

Dr Hassan Doosti
E: hassan.doosti@mq.edu.au        
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 534


Dr Thomas Fung
E: thomas.fung@mq.edu.au
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 626

  • Multivariate Variance Gamma (VG) and related models and their applications to financial modelling
  • Tail dependence
  • Copulas
  • Mixture distributions

Dr Maurizio Manuguerra
12 Wally's Walk, E7A 621

  • Ordinal Regression Models
  • Bayesian Methodology
  • Spatio-temporal models
  • Biostatistics
  • Modeling of binary time-series from neuroscience

Dr Justin Wishart
E: justin.wishart@mq.edu.au
12 Wally's Walk 639

  • Wavelet Analysis
  • Kernel Smoothing
  • Long range dependence
  • Semiparametric modelling
  • Inverse Problems
  • Change point problems

Ms Suzanne Curtis
Associate Lecturer
E: suzanne.curtis@mq.edu.au        
12 Wally's Walk 622


Ms Anne Karpin
Associate Lecturer
E: anne.karpin@mq.edu.au        
12 Wally's Walk 630


Dr Mark Donoghoe
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
E: mark.donoghoe@mq.edu.au        
12 Wally's Walk 538


Dr Manjula Schou
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
E: manjula.schou@mq.edu.au        
12 Wally's Walk 539


Professor Malcolm Hudson
Emeritus Professor
E: malcolm.hudson@mq.edu.au
12 Wally's Walk 609


Professor Don McNeil
Emeritus Professor
E: don.mcneil@mq.edu.au        


Associate Professor Andrzej Kozek
Honorary Associate Professor
E: andrzej.kozek@mq.edu.au        


Associate Professor Peter Petocz
Honorary Associate Professor
E: peter.petocz@mq.edu.au        
12 Wally's Walk 609


Dr Hilary Green
Honorary Lecturer
E: hilary.green@mq.edu.au        


Dr Sibba Gudlaugsdottir
Honorary Lecturer
E: sigurbjorg.gudlaugsdottir


Ms Jenny Middledorp
Honorary Lecturer
E: jenny.middledorp@mq.edu.au

Professional staff

Name Phone Email Office
Department Manager
Christine Hale 9850 8947 christine.hale@mq.edu.au  605
Administrator Finance/Staff
Donna Hua9850 4770donna.hua@mq.edu.au615
Administrator Academic
Frank Schöenig9850 8555frank.schoenig@mq.edu.au608
Administrator Outreach Co-ordinator
Melora Pallesen melora.pallesen@mq.edu.au615
Lesley Mooney (P/T)9850 8550lesley.mooney@mq.edu.au615
Administration Assistant
Hayley Prescott9850 8257hayley.prescott@mq.edu.au608
Manoela Kunrath9850 8936manoela.kunrath@mq.edu.au608
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