Vacation Scholarship History

Vacation Scholarship History

The Vacation Scholarships offered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy give the awardees a chance to participate in a current research project within the department. Below you will find a list of the previous years Vacation Scholarship awardees and their allocated projects.

2017/18 Vacation Scholarships

Akael Alias Quantum random number generation in diamond Rich Mildren
Monique Cockram Exploring the first ultra-faint imaging from the Huntsman telescope Lee Spitler
Jarrod Heslop Constructing a confocal microscope Ben Norton
Kristina Kopychynski Observatory and Planetarium Education Links (Secondary) Orsola De Marco
Arthur Leung Nanopatterning of diamond surfaces using UV optical beam Rich Mildren
Lachlan Marnoch Stellar Collisions, Outbursts and Jets Orsola De Marco
Danyon Munro Too big to rotate fast? Catching braking stars in their subgiant phase. Chengyuan Liu
Matthew O'Brien Quantum engineering using magnetomechanics Jason Twamley
Aaron Sanders Remote sensing of water properties using Raman spectroscopy Helen Pask
Blake Staples Building a fiber injection and guiding front end for MQ observatory Christian Schwab and David Coutts
Adnan Vahanvaty Quantum intelligent dynamics Jason Twamley
Maria Villavedra Nanodiamonds for biomedical imaging Thomas Volz and Louise Brown
Julia Wilks Observatory and Planetarium Education Links (Primary) Orsola De Marco

2016/17 Vacation Scholarships

Matthew O'Brien Measuring the Brownian motion of micro particles suspended in a magnetic trap James Downes
Lachlan Marnoch Characterising Distant Galaxies by way of Spectral Energy Distribution Analysis Michael Cowley
Nabomita Mukty Diamond Nanoparticles Thomas Volz
Michaela Dempster Planetarium Education Curriculum Development Adam Joyce
Roy Truelove A New Virtual Radio Interferometer Cormac Purcell
Jacob Pember Watch the watchman: A very high resolution spectrograph for calibrating spectrograph calibrators Christian Schwab
Rhys Davis Nonlinearity in random lasers Judith Dawes
Jacob ParnellAre jellyfish galaxies born in intergalactic waves?Matt Owers
Taylah Beard Commissioning the Huntsman Telephoto Array Lee Spitler
Akael Alias Quantum random number generator Rich Mildren
Alana Gibson Measuring the evolution of star formation histories in galaxy clusters with Gemini Observatory Richard McDermid
Seyed Abedi Quantum random number generator Rich Mildren

2015/16 Vacation Scholarships

NameProjectSupervisor(s)Status (Nov. 2015)
Mitchell HannahMaking light and sound work together in nanoscale integrated optical circuitsMike SteelUndergraduate at MU
Brendan ReinhartSetting up the @AstroHuntsman Canon observing systemLee SpitlerUndergraduate at MU
Tash MarshallStellar collisions in theory and observationOrsola De MarcoUndergraduate at MU
Benjamin LawtonSpectral fingerprinting and imaging using THz radiationAndrew LeeUndergraduate at MU
Tania BaronePlanets in slow motion – a infrared calibration source with meters per second precisionChristian SchwabUndergraduate at MU
Yahya FidouhStellar collisions in theory and observationOrsola De MarcoUndergraduate at MU
Adam BattenStellar properties of massive galaxies from MUSE integral field spectroscopyRichard McDermidUndergraduate at MU
Nabomita-Roy MuktyOptical Force Sorting of NanoDiamondsThomas VolzUndergraduate at MU
Alistair Yates3D nano-structures in single crystal diamond by laser etchingRichard MildrenUndergraduate at MU

2014/15 Vacation Scholarships

NameProjectSupervisor(s)Status (Nov. 2014)
Adam BattenAstrophotonicsOrsola De MarcoUndergraduate at MU
Thomas CernevAstrophotonicsMick WithfordUndergraduate at Uni. of Adelaide
Leonard CheungSpin-Coherence time of Nitrogen-Vacancy centres in ultrasmall nanodiamondsThomas VolzUndergraduate at MU
Caro DerkenneStellar Properties of massive galaxies from integral field spectroscopyRichard McDermidUndergraduate at MU
Hamish FirthUsing THz radiation for spectral identification of substancesHelen PaskUndergraduate at MU
Yunho KimQuantum Integrated PhotonicsLuke HeltUndergraduate at MU
Rochelle MartinQuantum Optomechanics - Photon Powered EnginesJason TwamleyUndergraduate at MU
Simon PopulinTheoretical Quantum Integrated PhotonicsLuke HeltUndergraduate at MU
Jack VidlerExtreme Astronomical ImagingMick WithfordUndergraduate at MU
Alistair YatesIntegrated Lightwave CircuitsMick WithfordUndergraduate at MU
Dean SouthwoodQuantum Simulations with WaveletsGavin BrennanUndergraduate at MU

2012/13 Vacation Scholarships

NameProjectSupervisor(s)Status (Nov. 2012)
Daniel BlayLight Guidance in Optical CloaksMichael SteelUndergraduate at MU
Blake EntwisleNanostructuring of Group IV MaterialsRich MildrenUndergraduate at MU
Ashleigh WachmanBayesian Error Bounds for Bell InequalitiesAlexei GilchristUndergraduate at MU
Alex BarbaraPrecision Control with Quantum States of LightGabriel Molina-TerrizaUndergraduate at MU
Elizabeth CamilleriQuantum Walks with MemoryJason TwamleyUndergraduate at MU
Matthew EvansQubit Probes of Space-Time CurvatureDanny TernoUndergraduate at MU

2011/12 Vacation Scholarships

NameProjectSupervisor(s)Status (Nov. 2012)
Daniel LombardoOptical Information in 2D Lattices of Harmonic OscillatorsGavin BrennanUndergraduate at MU
Rajijka KurawitaOptical and Laser PhysicsDeb KaneUndergraduate at MU
Matt van BreugalEngineering Momentum Entangled Photon SourceGabriel Molina-TerrizaUndergraduate at MU
Blake EntwisleOptical Laser Physics and ApplicationsRich MildrenUndergraduate at MU
David FellOptical Laser Physics and ApplicationsRich MildrenUndergraduate at MU
James TocknellAstronomyOrsola De MarcoUndergraduate at MU

2010/11 Vacation Scholarships

NameProjectSupervisor(s)Status (Nov. 2010)
Leigh Weston3 Mircon Er:YAG Laser for Pumping Mid-Infrared Raman LasersRich MildrenUndergraduate at UTS
Sarah ArmatysIntegrated AstrophotonicsMick WithfordUndergraduate at QUT
Andrew LehmannWhat Giants do when they are tickled: how impactors as light as planets can efficiently tap the energy of giant stars, changing the course of their evolutionOrsola De MarcoUndergraduate at MU
Nora TischlerExploring the Effects of the Angular Momentum Light on NanoparticlesGabriel Molina-TerrizaUndergraduate at QUT
Carlos BacigalupoMagnetic Diffusion in Protoplanetary DiscsMark WardleUndergraduate at MU

2008/09 Vacation Scholarships

NameProjectSupervisor(s)Status (Nov. 2008)
Claire DelidesAstronomy and AstrophysicsQuentin ParkerMurdoch University
Matt ShortellQuantum PhysicsJason TwamleyUndergraduate at QUT
Shane UllmanQuantum Information Science using diamonds; building a confocal microscopeJames RabeauUndergraduate at UTS
Byron UsmarOptical and Laser PhysicsHelen PaskUndergraduate at MU

2007/08 Vacation Scholarships

NameProjectSupervisor(s)Status (Nov. 2007)
Sam ButlerQuantum PhysicsJason TwamleyUniversity of Sydney
Christopher WoodQuantum PhysicsJason TwamleyUG at Newcastle University
Micahel DelantyQuantum PhysicsJason TwamleyUG at Newcastle University
Madusha GunawardhanaAstronomy and AstrophysicsQuentin Parker / Mark WardleUndergraduate at MU
James StokesQuantum PhysicsJason Twamley 
Benjy Marks Brian Orr / Michael Steel 
Nick Cvetojevic Richar Mildren / Helen PaskUndergraduate at MU

2006/07 Vacation Scholarships

NameProjectSupervisor(s)Status (Nov. 2006)
Chris McMahonOptical and Laser hysicsJames DownesUndergraduate at MU
Acacia PeplerOptical and Laser PhysicsDeb KaneUndergraduate at MU
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