We are currently looking for new PhD students for 2019/2020 start dates. Scholarships are available for both Australian and International students. Scholarships provide at least $27,000 per year for living expenses, with additional support for equipment and travel.

To be eligible for direct entry to a 3-year PhD, you will need a two-year Masters, with at least one year of research. If your Masters does not fit this description, you can instead be offered a ‘bundled scholarship’ to the second year of the Macquarie University Masters of Research and then on to PhD – this four year route has a full scholarship in all years.

Interested? Read about our Research Excellence and choose a PhD Project.

Explore the three Research Themes within the Department of Physics and Astronomy:

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Photonics and Optical Science

Quantum Science and Technology

Browse our above research, and submit an Expression of Interest form. We consider applications from prospective PhD candidates all year round, and scholarships are available for suitable approved applicants at the time of offer.


Enquiries should only be made via the Expression of Interest form. Your prospective supervisor will then contact you, can confirm if you meet the entry requirements and will guide you through the application process. Alternatively, general questions can be directed to the Physics and Astronomy HDR Director: Alex Fuerbach

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