THz Hollow-Core Waveguides with Metamaterial Cladding

THz Hollow-Core Waveguides with Metamaterial Cladding

Event Name THz Hollow-Core Waveguides with Metamaterial Cladding
Start Date 4 Apr 2017

Shaghik Atakaramians

Colloquia: Shaghik Atakaramians, University of Sydney

An essential component in developing compact terahertz devices are waveguides. Among several waveguide solutions proposed for guiding THz radiation, hollow-core waveguides are one of the best options due to the low losses of THz waves in air. However, these waveguides usually have diameters on the order of several wavelengths and consequently are rigid, multimode pipes for guiding THz radiation rather than flexible fibres. The emergence of metamaterials opens a new avenue to overcome some of the limitations of hollow-core THz waveguides, by providing new guidance mechanisms and extreme birefringence that guide a single polarization. In this presentation, I will discuss our recent work—theoretical, numerical, and experimental demonstrations—on hollow core waveguides with hyperbolic metamaterial cladding. In the THz spectrum such waveguides offer a unique combination of being mechanically flexible, with low optical loss and large single-mode bandwidth.

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