Wet Chemistry Lab

Wet Chemistry Lab

wet chem labThe Wet Chemistry Laboratory is located at 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue (14SCOA) in room 109. The purpose of this laboratory is to provide a safe place for staff and students of the Department of Physics and Astronomy to undertake wet chemistry bench processes.

The laboratory facilities include

  • an acid and a non-acid fume cupboard;
  • a Millipore water purification system;
  • centrifuges;
  • ultrasonic baths;
  • a pH meter; and
  • a spin coater

There is a refrigerator and freezer, and storage for flammable, corrosive and toxic substances.
The lab also holds a Zetasizer Nano-ZS analyser which uses dynamic light scattering to measure particle and molecule sizes from 0.3nm to 10 microns.

Arranging Access to the Wet Chem Lab

Access to the Wet Chemistry Lab is available only to authorised and inducted staff and students. To gain access, first complete the online Hazardous Substance training module. To obtain login and access details for this course, email ohs@mq.edu.au with your full name, MQ number, email address, Faculty, Department, Position and Supervisor/Manager's name. When you have completed the online Hazardous Substance training module, email the completion certificate to Gina Dunford in Physics and Astronomy to arrange for a safety induction tour of the laboratory.

SEM-concreteUseful Links

All Hazardous Substances must be ordered through the SciQuest online system. After placing your order bring printed copies of the relevant Safety Data sheets and Risk Assessment to Gina Dunford (14SCOA Room 251) who will be able to approve the order for you.

Risk Assessment forms for hazardous substances can be found > here

GHS labels can be printed from Chemwatch MDSD online service > here

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