Master of Research

Master of Research

This 2 year program forms Macquarie University's pathway to PhD study. It comprises a combination of advanced coursework and research training components.

You can find general information concerning the program organisation, scholarship possibilities and admission procedures on the Macquarie University MRes/BPhil website. However, you may prefer one of our 1 year MSc programs.

Find out more from the Molecular Sciences MRes Flyer 2020 program.

MRes Year 1

You will receive academic advice from the CBMS MRes committee members to guide your selection of a personalised portfolio of advanced undergraduate coursework across the breadth of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences. This will include:

  • 6 Units of advanced disciplinary content*
  • 1 Research Communications unit (FOSE7000) [note, previously called MRES700]
  • Our specific Molecular Science Research Frontiers unit (MOLS7910)

* 7000-level Units can be included from outside Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences (e.g. STAT, MEDI or BIOL Units and others), should you have the appropriate academic background.

An outline of suggested 7000-level: Selecting units for 2020 information.

Unit Code Unit Name


Research Frontiers in Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences


The Research Experience


Selected Topics in Molecular Sciences


Selected Topics in Molecular Sciences


Molecular and Medical Biotechnology


Protein Discovery and Analysis


Functional Proteomics


Analytical Measurement Uncertainty and Method Validation


Laboratory Quality Systems


Research Topic: Laboratory Skills for Molecular Sciences


Research Topic: Advanced Organic Chemistry


Research Topic: Chemical Biology


Research Topic: Advanced Biomolecular Analysis


Research Topic: Synthetic Biology


Advanced Physical and Analytical Chemistry

MRes Year 2

Having joined a research team in the Department, you will embark on a structured program of research training under the guidance of your academic supervisor. You will encounter innovations being made in your discipline, perform literature reviews, receive training in current molecular techniques, engage in project planning and conduct your own research project (see section below). The program will culminate in submission of a written thesis.

For more information on all activities of the Year 2 Molecular Science program, please contact Dr Morten Andersen.

Research Projects

Each year, research projects will be outlined by academic staff. You are encouraged to work with academic staff to design your own project. For an overview of possible research projects, see the 2019/2020 research booklet.


Molecular Sciences Program

A/Prof Louise Brown
MRes Convenor (Molecular Sciences)

General program enquiries

Master of Research Team
Phone: (02) 9850 7987

Molecular Sciences MRes Committee for 2020

  • A/Prof Louise Brown
  • A/Prof. Bridget Mabbutt
  • Dr Yuling Wang
  • Dr Alfonzo Garcia-Bennett
  • Professor Paul Haynes (HDR/PhD)
  • Dr Morten Andersen
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