Could the eye be the window to Alzheimer’s?

Could the eye be the window to Alzheimer’s?

Elevated levels of amyloid beta, a protein associated with Alzheimer’s, have been found in the eyes of animal models in the early stages of the disease.

The result was one finding from two recent comprehensive studies looking at the effects of amyloid beta in cell and mice models of Alzheimer’s, conducted by the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility’s (APAF) Scientific Director Dr Mehdi Mirzaei and his team in collaboration with Dr Vivek Gupta and other researchers from Macquarie’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Alzheimer’s disease affects an estimated 45 million people worldwide, and there is currently no simple diagnostic test to determine whether a person has the disease.

Recent research has suggested that Alzheimer’s also affects your eyes, although the exact details of how it affects the eyes are unclear.

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Photo by Marc Schulte.

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