Workshop Timetable - Session 2, 2017

Workshops are run weekly on demand. You can download the workshop timetable for this semester as a pdf document using the link above. The topics are set one week before the event to allow for advertising in the relevant lectures. 

Below is the list of workshops which are running during term time this semester. Most workshops will begin in week 3. 

This semester Exam Preparation Workshops are running for the following subjects:

  • MATH130
  • MATH135
  • MATH136
  • MATH235
  • DMTH137
  • STAT170
  • Workshops for Session 2, 2017

    STAT170 Chi Squared Test of Association Week 13 Mon 1pm - 2pm Room: E6A 109 Carolyn
    STAT150 Revision Week 13 Thurs 2pm - 3pm Room: E5A 180 Carolyn
    PSY248 Revision Week 13 Thurs 11am - 12md Room: E7B 209 Carolyn
    DMTH137   Week 13 Mon 1pm - 2pm  Room: W5C232 Geoff
    MATH130 Inequalities Week 13 Thurs 5pm - 6pm Room: W5A 101 Carolyn
    MATH130 Curve Sketching Week 12 Fri 3pm - 4pm Room:
    E5A 130
    MATH135 Induction Week 13 Mon 10am - 11am Room: W6B 382 Carolyn
    MATH136 Series including Taylor Series Week 13 Tues 5pm - 6pm Room:
    E7B 264
    MATH235 Multiple Integrals Week 13 Wed 3pm - 4pm Room: C5A232 Joshua
    Unit topic week Day and Time Room: Tutor
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