Drop-in centre

Drop-in centre

The Drop-in Centre is open from week 2 of semester on Monday- Friday for about 35 hours each week with the times varying according to the day. It is also usually open one evening each week (this varies from semester to semester, please check the timetable). No appointment is necessary. 

The expertise of each tutor is advertised so students can obtain the help they need. No assignment questions will be answered, but students have access to a small library of mathematical books, material for self study and professional help in the areas of greatest need. 

A timetable is available from E7B G.88 or you can get a pdf version from the Timetables page of our website. During exams and holidays a different timetable may operate.

The Centre closes each year at the end of November and reopens in January. The operating hours of the Centre in January are normally limited to one day. Please check the News and Events page of this website for exact opening hours during this period.

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