AustMS Annual Meeting 2017

AustMS Annual Meeting 2017

AustMS Annual Meeting 2017

The 61st annual meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society will be held by the Department of Mathematics at Macquarie University, 12–15 December 2017.

Sponsored by:

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Macquarie University

The Australian Mathematical Society

Macquarie University

Special sessions


Organiser: James Parkinson (Sydney), Bregje Pauwels (ANU)

Applied Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics

Organisers: Mark Nelson (Wollongong), HS Sidhu (ADFA)

Category Theory, Algebraic Topology, K-theory

Organiser: Philip Hackney (Macquarie)

Complex Analysis, Geometry

Organisers: Adam Harris (UNE), Gerd Schmalz (UNE)

Computational Methods

Organisers: Quoc Thong Le Gia (UNSW), Bishnu Lamichhane (Newcastle)

Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory

Organisers: Gary Froyland (UNSW), Georg Gottwald (Sydney), John Roberts (UNSW)

Mathematics Education

Organisers: Deborah King (Melbourne), Carolyn Kennett (Macquarie)

Functional Analysis, Operator Algebra, Non-Commutative Geometry

Organisers: Hang Wang (Adelaide), Zahra Afsar (Wollongong)

Geometric Analysis

Organisers: Haotian Wu (Sydney), Yann Bernard (Monash)

Harmonic Analysis

Organisers: Ji Li (Macquarie), Zihua Guo (Monash), Melissa Tacy (Otago, NZ)

Mathematical Biology

Organisers: Peter Kim (Sydney), Frank Valckenborgh (Macquarie)

Mathematical Optimisation

Organisers: Gouyin Li (UNSW), Vera Roshchina (RMIT)

Mathematical Physics

Organiser: Thomas Quella (Melbourne)

Number Theory

Organiser: David Harvey (UNSW)

Partial Differential Equations

Organiser: Adam Sikora (Macquarie), James McCoy (Wollongong), Paul Bryan (UQ)

Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes

Organiser: Andrea Collevecchio (Monash), Kais Hamza (Monash), Giang Nguyen (Adelaide)

Representation Theory

Organisers: Oded Yacobi (Sydney), Vinoth Nandakumar (Sydney)

Stochastic models and applications

Organisers: Georgy Sofronov (Macquarie), Thomas Fung (Macquarie)


Organiser: Zsuzsanna Dancso (Sydney)


You can register here.

The deadline for abstract submission is Friday 10 November.

AustMS member:
Early bird price - $550
After Friday 20 October - $600  

Student or Retired AustMS Member:

Non-AustMS Member:

Early bird price - $660
After Friday 20 October - $750

Single day:

$275 (does not include conference dinner)

Conference Dinner (evening of Thursday 14 December):
Free for attendees, $120 for accompanying guests

Welcome reception (evening of Tuesday 12 December):
Free for attendees, $35 for accompanying guests

Women in Maths dinner (evening of Monday 11 December): 
Free for attendees

Bernhard Neumann Prize

This Prize is awarded for the most outstanding talk presented by a student at the Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society.

For further information on this prize, includings rules, advice and its history, see the Bernhard Neumann Prize page.

Financial support

Students giving a talk at this conference are eligible for the AustMS Student Support Scheme (SSS), covering up to half of travel, registration and childcare costs.

All information, including the funding rules, application deadline and application online form, can be found via AustMS Student Support Scheme


Accommodation options within walking distance of Macquarie University may quickly become rather limited or even unavailable, particularly closer to the time of the meeting. To secure your choice of accommodation, you are strongly advised to plan your trip and make your bookings as early as possible.

Of course, Sydney has many other possibilities for accommodation further away from the university; particularly convenient would be those that are placed along the train line running from the University into the city via North Ryde, Chatswood, Artarmon, St Leonard's and North Sydney.

Hotel accommodation on or near campus
Hotel accommodation near Macquarie Park station (one train stop away from campus)
Residential colleges on campus


Organising committee
  • Paul Smith — co-director
  • Xuan Duong — co-director
  • Richard Garner — Treasurer
  • Steve Lack — Secretary
  • Christine Hale — Administrator
  • Carolyn Kennett
  • Ji Li
  • Ross Moore — IT, Website
  • Frank Valckenborgh
  • Elena Vynogradova
Program committee
  • Julie Clutterbuck, Monash University
  • Xuan Duong, Macquarie University
  • Gary Froyland, University of New South Wales
  • Vladimir Gaitsgory, Macquarie University
  • Jan De Gier, University of Melbourne
  • Giang Nguyen, The University of Adelaide
  • Cheryl Praeger, University of Western Australia
  • Jacqui Ramagge, The University of Sydney
  • Paul Smith, Macquarie University
  • Ole Warnaar, University of Queensland


The organisers gratefully acknowledge support for the AustMS Annual Meeting from the Australian Mathematical Society, from Macquarie University, and from the Department of Mathematics.

They also acknowledge the support for the Women in Mathematics Event and Dinner from Professor Nalini Joshi, through the Georgina Sweet Fellowship, and from the Department of Mathematics.

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