Seminars and Colloquia

Seminars and Colloquia

Seminars and Colloquia

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics organises a regular program of colloquia, talks and seminars by external and internal speakers from both industry and academia. The talks are aimed at bringing the diversity, excitement and impact in Mathematics and Statistics from around the globe to staff and students.

Members of staff and HDR students give an overview the latest developments in their field of research. Pitched at a general level.

Research Seminar Series

The department hosts a series of research seminars. Participants include staff, associates and postgraduate students from the department, as well as presenters from other University departments, both nationally and internationally.

Lunchtime Seminar Series

A series of talks presented by staff from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, on topics of broad general interest. The talks will be aimed at the lower undergraduate level and should be accessible to anyone who has experience with first-year mathematics and statistics and an interest in seeing the wide range of possibilities the study of mathematics and statistics affords.

Australian Category Seminar

The Australian Category Seminar is organised by the Centre of Australian Category Theory (CoACT). It was founded in 1971 and has met at various institutions in Sydney but is now firmly based at Macquarie. It meets on Wednesday afternoons by talks on category theory and related subjects. Most of the prominent category theorists in the world have given talks at the seminar, but it is above all a working seminar where staff and students present their latest research in an informal setting.

Past Seminars

This is an archive of seminars held by the department in previous years.

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