Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of our technological society. It is used in a wide range of jobs and is a highly sought after skill.

Employers have indicated that they are experiencing a shortage of adequately skilled candidates with the problem-solving and logical-thinking skills that a mathematics degree provides.

Why study Maths?

In 2017, CareerCast released a report of the top 10 jobs for the year evaluating several variables including income, outlook, environmental factors, stress, and physical demands for 200 professions across a wide variety of industries, salary ranges, and skill levels. The results showed that four of the top 10 best jobs of 2017 are built on mathematics – those being statistician, data scientist, operations research analyst and mathematician.

Check out the new Maths Adds Career Guide, highlighting many of the exciting careers awaiting you when you study for a degree in Mathematics.

What degrees at Macquarie will allow me to study Maths?

At Macquarie University you can undertake further study, including specialisation in mathematics, through our Bachelor of Science. For high achieving students we also have our Bachelor of Advanced Science. Both provide you the opportunity to take your love of mathematics to the next level and provide you with the skills required in today's highly competitive workplaces. If you want to combine your interest in Mathematics with more than one area of academic study then one of our double degrees may be for you.

The department also runs a regular seminar series, where both local and international speakers talk on a wide range of topics.

Numeracy Centre

We operate a dedicated training and upskilling service called the Numeracy Centre, which offers free maths support, via weekly workshops for some first year Mathematics courses, bridging programs and preparatory courses at the beginning of each semester, along with a range of online learning resources.

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