Administration Support

Administration Support

Who Can I Speak To...

Imogen da Silva
Department Manager
E7A.309 | x9479 |
Department and academic queries, executive administration, funding requests, policies/procedures.

Sarah Collison
Senior Scientific Officer/ Fieldwork Manager
E7A.325 | x8266 |  
Technical teaching and research fieldwork support (logistics etc), fieldwork inductions, all safety equipment and bookings, undergraduate fieldwork equipment and procedures.

Phil Dartnell
Academic Administrator
E7A.318 | x8373 |
HDR student enquiries, casual academic and professional appointments (including time sheets), honoraries, timetabling (including class management), exams.

Bec Dodd
Administration and Outreach Coordinator
E7A.318 | x8382 |
Outreach events and opportunities, website content, social media, communications.

Aida Pujol Conejero
Administration Assistant
E7A.318 | x7981 |
Absent on duty forms, travel, conference attendance, reimbursements, general administrative matters.

Amit Shrestha
Finance and Staff Administrator
E7A.318 | x4521 |
Finance, orders, invoices, accounts (including HDR accounts), HR (permanent and fixed term staff).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help with my computer, phone or other IT issue?

How do I get access to systems (e.g. Eduroam, AMIS, Finance1 etc)?

How do I get keys access to rooms, labs and buildings?

How do I get something fixed?

How do I get a door sign or a name badge?

What if I need something manufactured or repaired?

How and where do I CONCUR my credit card?

Where do I access all the University Online Systems?

Where do I find the policy on...?

How do I complete an Absence on Duty?

If you have left your MQ ID at home and can't get into your office/ building, you will need to call security on x7112, and ask them to come and let you in. You will need to quote your MQ number and have another form of ID with you (e.g. drivers license) so they can verify your identity.

Finance: Accounts, Purchases...

Purchases and Invoices

All invoices should have a Purchase Order.  Before you purchase any service or goods, make sure to do a Purchase Order before obtaining an invoice. Macquarie University terms of payment is 30days from the date of the invoice - no exceptions.

Purchase Requisition Form

When you want to buy something, you need to complete the purchase order form (link above) before doing so. To ensure smooth processing, make sure to include: the account number that you're using to pay for the purchase, suppliers name, suppliers email address, account holder approval, name of the requestor, description of what you want to buy.

To allow for processing periods (especially in peak periods), please fill in the form and provide it to Amit as soon as possible - preferably a month in advance.

Click here to view the Purchase Order Policy.

Reimbursements/ Substantiation/ Per Diem/ Advance

For reimbursements, substantiations, per diems and advances you will need to complete a Non-Order Payment Form (NOPF) and submit the completed form with original receipts to the professional staff.

Non-Order Payment Form (NOPF Excel 2010+)

Petty Cash Docket ($30 and under)

Statutory Declaration - for purchases without a valid Tax Invoice Receipt.


We cannot set up new accounts - this is done through FSE Finance and/or the Central MQ Finance Office. If you wish to set up a new account, come and talk to Amit about how to arrange this.

If you have an account, you should have access to the Foresight system where you can check the balance of your account. Before making purchases to use any excess money, OR if you have questions please check with Amit.

If you want to check the end date of your project account OR extend your project account, please talk with Amit.

If you are the owner of a project account, Amit will send you a report once a month with the balance of your account/s. Please make sure to read this report and keep up to date with your project account balance.

HDR Students

If you are a Higher Degree Research (HDR) student and you require support and/or information, there are a few places you can go to:

If you need to check the balance of your HDR account, come and talk to Amit and he can help you out.

We can recommend talking to your Supervisor if you are unsure of something or have questions. You can also come and talk to the professional team, or contact the HDR office at any time (

Make sure to bookmark the HDR website:

For MRes-specific information, you can go to the MRes FAQ's page here.

If you need a signature for the Head of Department (HoD) and/or the Department Manager (DM), all you need to do is bring the hard copy form to Phil and he will organise this for you.

New HDR Students

If you're a new Higher Degree Research (HDR) student starting in the Department, there are a few things you need to get organised.

Your HDR Account

Once you receive your MQ ID, send Amit an email with the below details in order to get your account set up:

  • Full Name
  • MQ ID Number
  • Official Start and End Date
  • Supervisor's Name

It's important that you do this as soon as possible after starting. Depending on volume, the processing period for new accounts can be up to 4 weeks.

Desk Space, Building Access and General Administration

New HDR students need to be allocated a desk by Phil. Please do not sit at a desk without having a discussion with Phil and obtaining a name plate. Just come by the professional staff office

Once you have received your campus card, come and see Phil - he will apply for appropriate building access for you.

HDR Supervisors

If you have a new HDR student starting, you must let Phil know ASAP so he can prepare for their arrival, including arranging desk space where needed. Students need to be allocated a desk by Phil - it's important that students do not sit at a desk without a name plate and previous discussion with Phil.

New HDR students will need to get their HDR account set up. This is not an automatic process - students need to email Amit with their full name, MQ ID, start and end date as well as their supervisor's name for processing. As processing times for new accounts can take up to 4 weeks (depending on volume), it's important that they send the information to Amit as soon as possible.

Academic Administration

Casual Academic and Casual Professional Appointments

Information on casual academic and professional appointments can be found on the HR page of this intranet.

Honorary Applications and Renewals

For Renewals: the person who wants their honorary position to be renewed will need to submit a 2 page document. 1 page is to be on their contributions to date, and the other page is to be on their predicted contributions to the Department for the next 12 months.

For Appointments: Click here to download the honorary appointment form. If there is an entry VISA involved, please plan for approximately 4 months for VISA processing times.

Visiting Scholar Applications

Click here to download the visiting scholar application form.

Exam/ Assignment Collection

When it comes time to collect exams and/or assignments, Phil will contact you with instructions on what to do.

Grade Entry/ Grade Change

Phil takes care of grade entries - if you are looking to change a grade for a student, just let Phil know the new grade and mark

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