Academic Assistance

Academic Assistance


Casual Academic and Professional Appointment Forms 
Honorary Appointment Form Note: if an entry VISA is required, please plan for approximately 4 months for VISA processing times.
Visiting Scholar Application Form

HDR Supervisors

If you have a new HDR student starting, you must let Fiona know ASAP so he can prepare for their arrival, including arranging desk space where needed. Students need to be allocated a desk by Fiona - it's important that students do not sit at a desk without a nameplate and previous discussion with Fiona.

New HDR students will need to get their HDR account set up. This is not an automatic process - students need to email Amit with their full name, MQ ID, start and end date as well as their supervisor's name for processing. As processing times for new accounts can take up to 4 weeks (depending on volume), it's important that they send the information to Amit as soon as possible.

More Information

Honorary Applications and Renewals

For Renewals: the person who wants their honorary position to be renewed will need to submit a 2-page document. 1 page is to be on their contributions to date, and the other page is to be on their predicted contributions to the Department for the next 12 months.

Exam/ Assignment Collection

When it comes time to collect exams and/or assignments, Fiona will contact you with instructions on what to do.

Grade Entry/ Grade Change

Fiona takes care of grade entries - if you are looking to change a grade for a student, just let Fiona know the new grade and mark

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