Climate and Palaeoenvironmental Sciences

Climate and Palaeoenvironmental Sciences

Reflecting the Department’s integrative and interdisciplinary nature, its excellence in climate science transcends the traditional fields of climatology, atmospheric science and oceanography and extends into palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. We are at the forefront of research into the processes and interactions of the climate system at all spatial scales, from the micro to the global. We use our understanding of Quaternary environments and contemporary climate systems to inform projections of future climate and impacts on marine and terrestrial environments, and human health. We address key climate change and adaptation issues in partnership with government, industry, and the community and our colleagues in ecology, biology, health science, geochronology and archaeology.

Alignment with Macquarie University Strategic Research Framework (2015-2024)
  • Healthy people: Health and resilience
  • Secure Planet: Living in a changing environment
Alignment with Australian Government Science and Research Priorities
  • Environmental Change
  • Soil and Water
Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Climate Action
  • Life below water

Researchers within this group have been developing a ~1000 year model-proxy based reconstruction of Earths Climate, called PaleoR. You can see their work via

Our Projects

The Giganto Project - Where Giants Roamed

A multidisciplinary project attempting to define a precise extinction window and potential causes for the extinction of Gigantopithecus blacki - funded by the Australian Research Council

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