River Styles Framework

River Styles Framework

The River Styles Framework is the world-leading approach to river management and has changed local, state and national river management practice in parts of Australia. The Framework has been implemented in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. The Framework has introduced a conservation-first approach to the global prioritisation and management of water resources.

Over 250,735 kilometres of stream length world-wide has been assessed using the River Styles Framework. The data is used for activities such as on-ground rehabilitation design, habitat assessment and freshwater ecosystem monitoring. Use of the Framework has generated significant improvements in river health throughout New South Wales and has had a similar impact overseas. The benefits of using the Framework span environmental, economic and social impacts.

The River Styles Framework is taught via a portfolio of professional short courses and workshops. These extend from 1-day to 5-days in duration and cover material on the geomorphic analysis of river character, behaviour, condition and recovery potential, and how to use geomorphic datasets in river management prioritisation and management.

For further information about the River Styles Framework, please visit: www.riverstyles.com

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