Citizen Science

Citizen Science

360 Dust Analysis

The 360 Dust Analysis Program, led by Mark Taylor, is a global research initiative that will collect data on harmful chemicals in regular households. You are invited to take part in the project by submitting a sample which will allow you to learn what chemicals are present in your home. Simply complete a short two minute questionnaire about your household, collect the contents of your vacuum cleaner, and post the sample. The research team will then analyse your sample and send you a detailed chemical report, with advice on what to do if there are contaminants at elevated levels. Get involved by clicking here.


VegeSafe is a community science participation program run by Environmental Science staff at Macquarie University. We are the only service of this kind in Australia!
We seek to inform the community about metal and metalloid contaminants in their garden soil through our soil metal testing program. Participants receive a formal report with their soil results and are provided with links to information and advice about "what to do next" in the event of soils containing elevated concentrations of metals and metalloids. We accept soil from all Australian states and territories. We do not accept soils from overseas due to Australian quarantine regulations.

The principal staff involved are Professor Mark P. Taylor, PhD Researchers Marek Rouillon and Paul Harvey and Research Assistants Steve George and Phoebe Peterson. You can see more information by clicking here.

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