Our Team and Collaborators

Our Team and Collaborators

Our research collaboration is made up of academics, professional staff, students; infrastructure and transport industry representatives; government and peaked bodied community groups.

Program Directors

Dr Kathryn McLachlan

Academic Director of PACE Faculty of Human Sciences

Dr McLachlan comes from a strong background in the community development sector, particularly in regional settings, as a Practitioner, Educator and Researcher. She is passionate, pragmatic, and articulate in communicating ideas and concepts to a diversity of stakeholders. As a reflective practitioner and lifelong learner, she is deeply committed to furthering a social-ecological consciousness and eager to build on the learnings and insights gained from research and lived experience.

Associate Professor Peter J Davies

Interim Head of Department, Department of Environmental Sciences

Dr Davies has led and contributed too many multi-disciplinary research projects in the areas of environmental planning and sustainability, corporate planning and decision making and community engagement. He completed his doctorate degree in 2011 as a part-time student researching how urban water is managed with a specific focus on the role of local government in Sydney integrating social and physical sciences with policy, planning and law. Prior to his academic appointment, he held several senior management positions in state and local government informing his research on urban environmental policy and impact.

Program Manager

Waminda Parker

Operating as a program manager and strategist, Waminda is accustomed to and enjoys building multidisciplinary programs that translate innovative concepts into executable plans. Having a successful track record of building new programs within the natural environment and community development sector. Waminda holds a particular interest in the perceptions and perspectives of ‘connection’ (people, place and nature) across urban social and ecological networks as a means to strengthen community sustainability, resilience and wellbeing – being an active member on the Biophilic Design Initiative advisory panel and facilitator of nature connection programs.

Project Contact:
Waminda Parker
Faculty of Human Sciences
4 First Way 
Macquarie University, NSW 2109, Australia

Our Team

Sustainability Officer, Partnership & Engagement

Laura is a Social Ecologist with a diverse background in conservation, business, health and sustainability. The common thread through all her work is communicating the opportunities in sustainability and increasing the capacity of individuals and collectives to act on them. Her role at Macquarie University uses research, creative communication and partnerships to achieve this with our students, staff, community and businesses. As an experienced facilitator, she is able to connect the dots between projects and people while keeping her eye on the big picture and getting good things done.

Accounting and Corporate Governance, Macquarie Business School

Dr James Hazelton joined Macquarie University in 2001. Previously James was with PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), where he worked for 10 years in audit and risk management consulting in Sydney, London and New York. James specialises in business ethics and sustainability and has consulted, researched and taught extensively in these areas. Clients include the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. Current research areas include water, mercury, carbon, political donations and equity.

Director of the Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance, Macquarie Business School

Professor Martina Linnenluecke's research interests focus on corporate sustainability as well as the strategic and financial implications of corporate adaptation and resilience to climate change impacts. Martina is the author of The Climate Resilient Organization and has extensive experience in working with government and industry on organisational climate adaptation strategies, assessments and planning.

Director of Research, Department of Computing, Faculty of Science of Engineering

Prof Jian Yang received her PhD in data integration from The Australian National University in 1995. She is passionate about R&D work in relation to healthy society, sustainable environment, and well-being. She published widely in the top venues in the areas of data management and analytics, service computing, and business process management. She has been general chair and program committee chair of several prime international conferences. Her work is funded by ARC, government agencies, and industry. Before she joined Macquarie, she had hold several senior positions in Tilburg University Netherlands, CSIRO, and UNSW Canberra.

Phil Duncan

Aboriginal Cultural Training Coordinator

Phil Duncan is from Moree New South Wales and is a member of the Gomeroi Nation and an elected representative of the Gomeroi Nation Native Title Claimant Group: My homelands are Moree and Terry Hie Hie. Phil has over 38 years experience working with Aboriginal people and Government to improve the lives of Aboriginal people through recognition of our rich cultural history, the return of our lands, the improvement of our living conditions and education of our next generation both through my employment and volunteer community work. Phil is currently employed here at Macquarie University as the Aboriginal Cultural training Coordinator and provides high-level policy and strategic advice to key Indigenous issues of significance. The strategic advice regards issues of culture and heritage significance, community engagement, projects, the design, delivery and implementation of programs and strategic partnerships, regarding the range of issues required to address.

Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science of Engineering

Wendy has been the Director of the Master of Sustainable Development at Macquarie University for over 10 years. She has international experience in sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, education and communication. Wendy is also the research lead on the (re)Generation Project - a research program centred on engaging the ideas of the young on how to best engage teens and young adults into nature.

Sustainability Education Advisor

Personally motivated after seeing first-hand the impact of climate change and sea-level rise on the local people in her home country Fiji, Thelma completed her doctorate degree on Education for Sustainable Development – having a focus on how we can increase our pro-environmental behaviours. A year ago Thelma joined the Sustainability Office at Macquarie University as the Sustainability Education Advisor. Her role is to assist in enhancing the embedding of sustainability in the Learning, Teaching and Research activities of Macquarie University.

Head Of Department, ARC Future Fellow And Professor, Department of Computing

Dr Michael Sheng is a full professor and Head of Department of Computing, Macquarie University. Prof. Michael Sheng has more than 15 years of extensive experience in Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, data mining and integration, and service computing.  He has published more than 340 research papers in leading international journals and conferences. Prof. Sheng is the recipient of the Chris Wallace Award for Outstanding Research Contribution in 2012, which is the most prestigious award given to only one computer scientist each year in Australia and New Zealand. He is also the winner of the Microsoft Research Fellowship in 2003.

Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science of Engineering

Dr Wilson has over 20 years’ experience in researching the impacts of contaminants to aquatic environments. Having been prominent in the development and use of bioindicators and techniques for assessing and minimising environmental harm working with a range of industries. Scott consults with and advises regulatory agencies on policy and strategic direction both in Australia and internationally.

Our Partners and Collaborators

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