Master of Research

Master of Research

Opportunities for MRes Students at Macquarie University

Broaden your network and experience by working with key industry people and potential employers, especially internationally.

  • Unique opportunity to be a member of an influential research team
  • Outstanding career development by earning a MPhil
  • Opportunities to collaborate with and meet international workers with schemes to fund travel
  • Excellent facilities that rival the best research laboratories around the world
  • Supportive research environment

Research Areas

Research conducted by the Department of Engineering at Macquarie University is based on a history of engagement with industry and international partnerships. Past ventures with Hewlett Packard and CSIRO seeded the expertise and research culture in telecommunications that has resulted in the growth of several highly regarded research groups namely: the Centre for Electromagnetic and Antenna Engineering (CELANE); the Collaborative Nonlinear Electronics Research Facility (CNERF); and the Integrated Wireless Communications Systems (iWCS) which together comprise the Centre for Microwave and Wireless Applications; as well as the Guided-Wave Optics & Photonics Research group (GWOPR); and the research work conducted in Queuing Theory and Performance Analysis.


The pioneering contribution to wireless computer networking developed in collaboration with the CSIRO is a significant highlight. This culminated in the creation of Radiata, Macquarie University’s most successful commercial start-up business venture in the communications and microelectronics sector. It was eventually acquired by Cisco Systems. Adjunct Professors David Skellern and Neil Weste who successfully commercialised their wireless LAN technology that resulted in the creation of Radiata are still active within the Macquarie University community. David is the Chair of Engineering’s Industry Advisory Committee, and Neil is still active in wireless research at the University.

The strategy implemented by the research groups in Engineering is to focus on problems of interest to partners in industry and other research institutions. This has successfully provided engagement with industry and international partnerships which includes industry linkage funding, and a level of support normally associated with larger groups. The Department has linkage programs and ventures with the CSIROAgilent Technologies CANHEW R&D, Mimix Broadband, and DSTO. There is also support from Cadence Inc, Applied Wave Research Inc, Intel, Peregrine, and Jazz Semiconductor. Collaborators include The University of Sydney, University of Waikato (NZ), University of Calgary, Torino University (Italy), Lund University (Sweden) and University of Delhi (India).

Our graduates have secured excellent industry positions or very competitive research fellowships, and their research excellence has been recognised by national and international awards.

How to apply for MRes Candidature and Scholarships

A combined application form is available at the Higher Degree Research Office. Before applying, please read the instructions at HDRO and discuss your interest with a potential supervisor/research group leader in the Department.

Very few scholarships are available for MRes students. (See the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)Australian Postgraduate Award Industry (APAI)

NOTE: See the Higher Degree Research Prospectus for admission requirements. They are higher than those for typical Masters research programs in Australia.

Pathways into Engineering at Macquarie University

Engineering encourages applications for postgraduate research from engineers and applied scientists interested in supported areas of research.

Applications for postgraduate research should be lodged through the University after contacting potential supervisors and agreeing on a topic or area of research.

Generous scholarships are available to students with outstanding records, awarded on a competitive basis.

Please refer general enquiries about higher degree research to the Discipline Research Director.

Information for local students (i.e. permanent residents)

Information for international students

Further enquiries

MRes Advisor at Department of Engineering
Dr Forest Zhu

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