Equipment and Tools

Equipment and Tools

  • RF Network Measurements – 300 kHz to 50 GHz
  • Nonlinear Network Measurements (up to 5th order) – 1 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Access to Large-Signal Nonlinear Network Measurements – to 110 GHz
  • Pulsed-I(V) – 100 ns with APSPA (Booking Calendar, please contact Oya Sevimli to book)
  • Automated Intermodulation measurements – 2-tone to 6 GHz
  • Access to Pulsed RF – HP85108 and APSPA
  • Semiconductor Parameter Analysers – HP4145
  • TDFD Intermodulation measurements – 110 dB dynamic range
  • On-wafer device probing – Cascade probe station with thermal stage
  • RF-Shielded Chamber (Booking Calendar, please contact Oya Sevimli to book)

Software Tools

  • Networked automation of measurements with advanced scripting
  • Simulation with SPICE, MWOffice, and ADS
  • Parameter analysis and extraction software – MathCad
  • Complete set of Cadence Design tools for digital and analog microelectronics
  • Complete set of Mentor Graphics IC nanometer design tools

Workshop Facilities

  • Fabrication of microwave and surface-mount circuits
  • Mechanical component fabrication

For more information about the facilities each group uses, visit the research centre pages.

Laboratory Access

Safety induction and equipment training is required prior to accessing research laboratories.

E6A-225 Microwave Laboratory

Before accessing the lab users should complete a laboratory induction form and contact either Yimin Xie or Susan Law to arrange a tour. Before using a specific piece of equipment users should complete an equipment request form and submit it to Yimin Xie to arrange the initial supervised test session. For future sessions users should complete a booking request form and submit it to Yimin Xie to arrange a test session time and supervisor (if required).

Other Laboratories

Please contact the staff member in charge of the laboratory to arrange appropriate induction and training.

Guided Wave Optics and Photonics Research Laboratory poster.

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