Materials Engineering

Materials Engineering

This research program’s focus is on developing and fabricating materials and micro-devices. Projects involve nanoparticles for chemical and optical detection of molecules, materials and fabrication methods as well as electrical, mechanical and optical detection methods for particles, molecules and physiological states such as rare cells, blood glucose, and blood pressure.

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Hot topics

  • Fabricating Materials
  • Micro-devices

Recent Achievements

  • Candace Lang has been active in the development of metallic materials for applications as diverse as jewellery, fuel cell catalysts, and medical electrodes.
  • G Leteba, RR Vanfleet, C I Lang, Synthesis of V, Pt and Pt-V nanoparticles, International Journal of Nanoparticles, (2013)


 Photo Members Research Areas
 Sustainable research - Nikos Nikos Kopidakis
Senior Lecturer
Full Profile
  • Organic Semiconductors
  • Solution-processed semiconductors and nanostructures

Professor Candace Lang

Candace Lang
Full Profile
  • Metallic materials
  • Fuel cell catalysts
  • Medical electrodes

Associate Lecturer Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse
Associate Lecturer
Full Profile
  • MRI contrast agents
  • Novel MR imaging techniques
  • Nanoparticle synthesis (Inorganics, silicates and metallic)
Wei Xu  Wei Xu 
Senior Lecturer
Full Profile 
  • Additive manufacturing/3D printing of metallic alloys for advanced structural applications(orthopedic, aerospace)
  • Biomimetic and biocompatible porous metal structures made by additive manufacturing/3D printing
  • Functional biocompatible beta-type titanium alloys with low modulus
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