Our people

Our people

Dean of School

Professor Darren Bagnall

Originally from Stoke-on-Trent, England, Professor Bagnall’s research and education background covers more than 30 years: starting with a Bachelor of Engineering and a PhD in photovoltaics at the University of Salford in Manchester; then research positions at universities in Scotland and Japan; lecturing at England’s Southampton University; and most recently, as Head of School and Professor at the University of NSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering.

Iain Collings Department of Engineering

Deputy Dean, School of Engineering

Professor Iain Collings

Professor Iain Collings was born in Melbourne, Australia.  He received the B.E. degree with first class honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Melbourne in 1992, and the Ph.D. degree in Systems Engineering from the Australian National University in 1995.

Academic staff


Darren Bagnall
Title: Professor

Location: 50WTR - 129
Email: darren.bagnall@mq.edu.au

Iain Collings
Title: Professor

Location: 44WTR -  109
Email: iain.collings@mq.edu.au 

Robert Abbas
Title: Senior Lecturer

Location: 44WTR - 124
Email: robert.abbas@mq.edu.au

Rouzbeh Abbassi
Title: Senior Lecturer

Location: 44WTR - 119
Email: rouzbeh.abbassi@mq.edu.au

Mohsen Asadnia
Title: ARC DECRA Fellow

Location: 07WW - 112
Email: mohsen.asadnia@mq.edu.au

Ediz Cetin
Title: Senior Lecturer

Location: 44WTR - 117
Email: ediz.cetin@mq.edu.au

Mihai Ciobotaru
Title: Senior Lecturer

Location: 44WTR - 123
Email: mihai.ciobotaru@mq.edu.au

Shaokoon Cheng
Title: Senior Lecturer

Location: 44WTR - 122 
Email: shaokoon.cheng@mq.edu.au

Yves De Deene
Title: Professor

Location: 3IR - 106
Email: yves.dedeene@mq.edu.au

Rex Di Bona
Title: Scholarly Teaching Fellow

Location: 50WTR - Desk 120
Email: rex.dibona@mq.edu.au

Sammy Diasinos
Title: Lecturer

Location: 44WTR - 120
Email: sammy.diasinos@mq.edu.au

Karu Esselle
Title: Professor

Location: 07WW - 135
Email: karu.esselle@mq.edu.au

Tara Hamilton
Title: Associate Professor

Location: 50WTR - 122
Email: tara.hamilton@mq.edu.au

Stephen Hanly
Title: Professor / CSIRO - Macquarie Chair in Wireless Communications

Location: 44WTR - 108
Email: stephen.hanly@mq.edu.au

Raheel Hashmi
Title: Lecturer

Location: 07WW - 114
Email: raheel.hashmi@mq.edu.au

Michael Heimlich
Title: Professor

Location: 50WTR - 111
Email: michael.heimlich@mq.edu.au
Anita Ho-Baillie
Title: Associate Professor
Location: 50WTR - 112
Email: anita.ho-baillie@mq.edu.au

Jahangir Hossain
Title: Associate Professor

Location: 44WTR  - 107
Email: jahangir.hossain@mq.edu.au
Shujuan Huang
Title: Associate Professor
Location: 50WTR - 112
Email: shujuan.huang@mq.edu.au

Nazmul Huda
Title: Senior Lecturer

Location: 44WTR - 118
Email: nazmul.huda@mq.edu.au

Hazer Inaltekin
Title: Senior Lecturer

Location: 44WTR - 133
Email: hazer.inaltekin@mq.edu.au

David Inglis
Title: Senior Lecturer

Location: 07WW - 127
Email: david.inglis@mq.edu.au

Stuart Jackson
Title: Professor

Location: 07WW - 134
Email: stuart.jackson@mq.edu.au

Yijiao Jiang
Title: Senior Lecturer

Location: 07WW - 138
Email: yijiao.jiang@mq.edu.au

Yinan Kong
Title: Senior Lecturer

Location: 07WW - 129
Email: yinan.kong@mq.edu.au

Candace Lang
Title: Professor

Location: 50WTR - 123
Email: candace.lang@mq.edu.au

Ann Lee
Title: Lecturer

Location: 44WTR - 132
Email: ann.lee@mq.edu.au

Ming Li
Title: Lecturer

Location: 07WW - 136
Email: ming.li@mq.edu.au

Simon Mahon
Title: Professor

Location: 50WTR - Desk 133
Email: simon.mahon@mq.edu.au

Barry McDonald
Title: Scholarly Teaching Fellow

Location: 50WTR - Desk 119
Email: barry.mcdonald@mq.edu.au

Atul Minhas
Title: Senior Lecturer

Location: 3IR - 109
Email: atul.minhas@mq.edu.au

Subhas Mukhopadhyay
Title: Professor

Location: 07WW - 111
Email: subhas.mukhopadhyay@mq.edu.au

Noushin Nasiri
Title: Lecturer

Location: 07WW - 142
Email: noushin.nasiri@mq.edu.au

Ruth Oliver
Title: Lecturer

Location: 3IR - 108
Email: ruth.oliver@mq.edu.au

Tony Parker
Title: Professor

Location: 50WTR - 110
Email: tony.parker@mq.edu.au

David Payne
Title: Lecturer

Location: 07WW - 133
Email: david.payne@mq.edu.au

Sam Reisenfeld
Title: Associate Professor

Location: 44WTR - 135
Email: sam.reisenfeld@mq.edu.au

Fatemeh Salehi
Title: Lecturer

Location: 44WTR - 121
Email: fatemeh.salehi@mq.edu.au

Dushmantha Thalakotuna
Title: Lecturer

Location: 50WTR - Desk 135
Email: dushmantha.thalakotuna@mq.edu.au

Graham Town
Title: Professor

Location: 44WTR - 103
Email: graham.town@mq.edu.au

Nicholas Tse
Title: Scholarly Teaching Fellow

Location: 50WTR - Desk 123
Email: nicholas.tse@mq.edu.au

Rein Vesilo
Title: Associate Professor

Location: 44WTR - 131
Email: rein.vesilo@mq.edu.au

Professional staff

Daniel Crippa
Administrator Assistant
Location: 50WTR - Desk 110
Email: daniel.crippa@mq.edu.au
Imogen da Silva
School Manager
Location: 50WTR - 130
Email: imogen.dasilva@mq.edu.au
Sheley Kurniawan
Administrator, Finance and Staff
Location: 50WTR - 131
Email: sheley.kurniawan@mq.edu.au
Rachel Kyung
Administrator, Academic
Location: 50WTR - 131
Email: rachel.kyung@mq.edu.au
Julien Smith
Administrator Assistant
Location: 07WW - 103
Email: julien.smith@mq.edu.au
Catherine Tolentino
Administrator Assistant
Location: 50WTR - Desk 109
Email: catherine.tolentino@mq.edu.au
Elsa Whelan
Administrator Assistant
Location: 50WTR - 131
Email: elsa.whelan@mq.edu.au
Byron Wilson
Program Manager
Location: 50WTR - 130
Email: byron.wilson@mq.edu.au
Hannah Woodrow Clark
Administrator and Outreach Coordinator
Location: 50WTR - Desk 107
Email: hannah.woodrow-clark@mq.edu.au

Technical staff

Alexander Arriola
Title: Technical Team Manager
Location: 09WW - 241
Email: alex.arriola@mq.edu.au
Luke Binsted
Title: Technical Officer
Location: 44WTR - G41
Email: luke.binsted@mq.edu.au
Elton Button
Title: Technical Officer - Machinist
Location: 44WTR - G41
Email: elton.button@mq.edu.au
Susan Law
Title: Technical Team Manager
Location: 09WW - 241
Email: susan.law@mq.edu.au
Mynga Nguyen (On Leave)
Title: Technical Officer
Location: 44WTR - G41
Email: mynga.nguyen@mq.edu.au
Amir Safari
Title: Technical Support Officer - Electrical
Location: 44WTR - G60 
Email: amir.safari@mq.edu.au
Wendy Tao
Title: Technical Officer
Location: 13RPD - 104
Email: wendy.tao@mq.edu.au
Yimin Xie
Title: Electronics Laboratory Officer
Location: 09WW - 241
Email: yimin.xie@mq.edu.au

FIRST staff

Wynonah Bush
Title: Program Officer (FIRST Robotics)
Location: 50WTR - G25
Email: wynonah.bush@mq.edu.au
Luan Heimlich
Title: Outreach Manager (FIRST Robotics)
Location: 50WTR - G24
Email: luan.heimlich@mq.edu.au
Crystal Huo
Title: Project Coordinator (FIRST Robotics)
Location: 50WTR - G25
Email: crystal.huo@mq.edu.au

Research staff


Affan Baba
Title: Research Officer

Location: 07WW - Desk 133
Email: affan.baba@mq.edu.au

Muhammad Afzal
Title: Research Associate

Location: 07WW - Desk 145
Email: muhammad.afzal@mq.edu.au

Sudipta Chakraborty
Title: Lecturer

Location: 50WTR - Desk 136
Email: sudipta.chakraborty@mq.edu.au

Melissa Gorman
Title: Project Engineer

Location: 50WTR - Desk 137
Email: melissa.gorman@mq.edu.au

Steve Hwang
Title: Research Engineer

Location: 50WTR - Desk 142
Email: steve.hwang@mq.edu.au

Evgeny Kuxa
Title: Electrical Engineer - R & D focus

Location: 50WTR - Desk 134
Email: evgeny.kuxa@mq.edu.au

Min Li
Title: Research Fellow

Location: 3IR - 111
Email: min.li@mq.edu.au

Chunshan Liu
Title: Discovery Early Career Research Awardee

Location: 44WTR - Desk 101
Email: chunshan.liu@mq.edu.au

Matthew Majewski
Title: Research Fellow

Location: 07WW - Desk 164
Email: matthew.majewski@mq.edu.au

Gerry McCulloch
Title: Research Assistant

Location: 50WTR - Desk 139
Email: gerry.mcculloch@mq.edu.au

Supriya Pillai 
Title: Senior Research Fellow

Location: 07WW - 130
Email: supriya.pillai@mq.edu.au

Binesh Puthen Veetil
Title: Postdcoctoral Research Fellow

Location: 07WW - 133
Email: binesh.puthenveetil@mq.edu.au

Surya Sharma 
Title: Research Engineer

Location: 50WTR - Desk 143
Email: surya.sharma@mq.edu.au

Navod Suraweera
Title: Research Fellow

Location: 44WTR - Desk 102
Email: navod.suraweera@mq.edu.au

Sicong Tian
Title: Macquarie University Research Fellow

Location: 07WW - Desk 103
Email: sicong.tian@mq.edu.au

Zichun Wang
Title: ARC DECRA Fellow

Location: 07WW - 143
Email: zichun.wang@mq.edu.au

Benny Wu
Title: Project Engineer

Location: 50WTR - Desk 138
Email: benny.wu@mq.edu.au

Shuying Wu
Title: ARC DECRA Fellow

Location: 07WW - 137
Email: shuying.wu@mq.edu.au

Shihao Yan
Title: Macquarie University Research Fellow

Location: 3IR - 111
Email: shihao.yan@mq.edu.au

Lou Zhao
Title: Research Fellow in Wireless Communications

Location: 44WTR - Desk 104
Email: lou.zhao@mq.edu.au

Adjunct and Honorary staff


Sayed Albahrani
Title: Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: sayed.albahrani@mq.edu.au

Shohreh Azadi
Title: Visiting Scholar

Email: shohreh.azadi@mq.edu.au

Andrew Belford
Title: Adjunct Fellow

Email: andrew.belford@mq.edu.au

Trevor Bird
Title: Adjunct Professor

Email: trevor.bird@mq.edu.au

James Brusey
Title: Honorary Associate Professor

Email: james.brusey@mq.edu.au

Zinat Changani Khorasgani
Title: Visiting Scholar

Email: zinat.changanikhorasgani@mq.edu.au

Bob Frater
Title: Adjunct Professor

Email: bob.frater@mq.edu.au

Elena Gaura
Title: Honorary Professor

Email: elena.gaura@mq.edu.au

Jay Guo
Title: Adjunct Professor

Email: jay.guo@mq.edu.au

Graeme Gwilliam
Title: Visiting Fellow

Email: graeme.gwilliam@mq.edu.au

Keith Imrie
Title: Honorary Associate

Location: 07WW - Desk 105
Email: keith.imrie@mq.edu.au

Shahidul Islam
Title: Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow

Location: 3IR - Desk 129
Email: shahidul.islam@mq.edu.au

Salman Jalalifar
Title: Visiting Scholar

Location: 44WTR - Desk 103
Email:  salman.jalalifar@mq.edu.au

Debabrata Karmokar
Title: Honorary Research Fellow

Location: 3IR - Desk 128
Email: debabrata.karmokar@mq.edu.au

Rajas Khokle
Title: Honorary Postdoctoral Associate

Location: 07WW - Desk 132
Email: rajas-prakash.khokle@mq.edu.au

Helen Kochubei
Title: Visiting Fellow

Email: helen.kochubei@mq.edu.au

Min Liu
Title: Adjunct Professor

Email: min.liu@mq.edu.au

Ren Liu
Title: Adjunct Professor

Email: ren.liu@mq.edu.au

Leigh Milner
Title: Honorary Associate

Email: leigh.milner@mq.edu.au

Sherry Moghadassi
Title: Honorary Associate

Email: sherry.moghadassi@mq.edu.au

Munirah Izzah Binti Mohammad
Title: Visiting Scholar

Email: munirahIzzahbinti.mohammad@mq.edu.au

Nasimuddin Nasimuddin
Title: Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Email: nasimuddin.nasimuddin@mq.edu.au

Amir Razmjou Chaharmahali
Title: Visiting Fellow

Email: amir.razmjouchaharmahali@mq.edu.au

Oya Sevimli
Title: Adjunct Fellow

Email: oya.sevimli@mq.edu.au

Roy Simorangkir
Title: Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow

Location: 07WW - Desk 135
Email: roy.simorangkir@mq.edu.au

Masoud Toghyani 
Title: Visiting Scholar

Email: masoud.toghyani@mq.edu.au

Anand Verma
Title: Adjunct Professor

Location: 3IR - Desk 119
Email: anand.verma@mq.edu.au

Neil Weste
Title: Adjunct Professor

Email: neil.weste@mq.edu.au

Yang Yang
Title: Honorary Research Fellow

Email: y.yang@mq.edu.au

Kegen Yu
Title: Adjunct Professor

Email: kegen.yu@mq.edu.au

Basit Zeb
Title: Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Location: 3IR - Desk 125
Email: basit.zeb@mq.edu.au

Higher Degree Research students


Mojtaba Abdollahzadeh

Email: mojtaba.abdollahzadeh@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Hollow microneedles promise painless and self-administered injection

Sajad Abolpour Moshizi

Location: 07WW - Desk 112
Email: sajad.abolpour-moshizi@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Closed greenhouse concept

Mst Fowzia Akhter

Location: 07WW - Desk 115
Email: mst-fowzia.akhter@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Yb, Pr-co-doped ZBLAN and InF3 fibre laser for 3.6 µm to 4.2-µm emission in the mid-infrared

Haider Ali

Location: 07WW - Desk 142
Email: haider.ali@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Flexible Antennas for Next Generation Communication Systems

Syed Muhammad Nawazish Ali

Location: 44WTR - Desk G34
Email: syed-muhammad-nawazish.ali@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Design and Control of High Performance Propulsion Drives for Transport Sector

B M Ruhul Amin

Location: 44WTR - Desk G27
Email: ruhul.amin@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Cyber Secured Control for Smart Power System

Md Ziaul Amin

Location: 07WW - Desk 107
Email: md-ziaul.amin1@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Mode-locked and high power mid-infrared fibre lasers

Uzma Amin

Location: 07WW - Desk 129
Email: uzma.amin@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Control of Multiple Solar Photo-Voltaic Power Generation in Islanded Micro-grid and Grid Connected

Mahsa Asadniaye Fardjahromi

Location: 07WW - Desk 147
Email: mahsa-asadniaye.fardjahromi@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Design and development of smart microcarriers for stem cell production

Folarin Bakare

Location: 07WW - Desk 158
Email: folarin.bakare@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Additive manufacturing of Ti alloys

Emerson Cabrera

Location: 44WTR - Desk G13
Email: emerson.cabrera@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Adaptive HARQ (A-HARQ) for Ultra-Reliable Communication in 5G

Xiaojing Chen

Email: xiaojing.chen1@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Research on Theory and Techniques of Energy Management for Energy-Harvesting Powered Wireless Communications

Nicholas Cooney

Location: 3IR - Desk 105
Email: nicholas.cooney@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: A Smart Wearable Physical Activity Tracking System for People with Cerebral Palsy

Adrian Donarski

Email: adrian.donarski@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping using WiFi Channel State Information

Olivia Ell

Email: olivia.ell@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Power-Frequency Extrapolation of pHEMT Transistor Models Based on Geometric Scalability

Khalid Elserfy

Location: 07WW - Desk 114
Email: khalid.elserfy@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Characterization of the multiphase fluid dynamics of the human upper airway

Shahjadi Hisan Farjana

Location: 44WTR - Desk 115
Email: shahjadi-hisan.farjana@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Assessment of Environmental Effects Caused by Australian Mineral Industries Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Mina Ghaffari

Location: 3IR - Desk 132
Email: mina.ghaffari@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Application of machine Learning for diagnostic classification of arterial spin labeling in early stage dementia

Nima Golestani

Location: 44WTR - Desk G02
Email: nima.golestani@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Reliability Analysis of Complex Engineering Systems Considering Operating Context

Swaroop Gopalam

Location: 07WW - Desk 126
Email: swaroop.gopalam@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Application Aware Mobile Data Offloading

Shengshen Gu

Location: 07WW - Desk 148
Email: shengshen.gu@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Membrane distillation for ammonia recovery from waste waters

Abbas Habibalahi

Location: 07WW - Desk 159
Email: abbas.habibalahi@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Effective data fusion method to detect a specific biological cells and tissue

Mehedi Hassan

Location: 44WTR - Desk G25
Email: mehedi.hassan@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Stability Analysis of AC/DC Hybrid Networks Integrating Multiple Microgrids

Touseef Hayat

Location: 07WW - Desk 130
Email: touseef.hayat@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Phase And Amplitude Manipulating Meta-Surfaces For Meduim Gain Antennas

Jason Hodges

Location: 07WW - Desk 101
Email: jason.hodges@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Characterisation and Modelling of Advanced Semiconductor Devices

Ibrahim Ibrahim

Location: 44WTR - Desk G21
Email: ibrahim.a.ibrahim@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Modelling and Optimal Planning of a Photovoltaic in Unbalanced Distribution System Considering Uncertainties

Nethini Imiyage

Location: 50WTR - Desk 116
Email: nethini.thilanga@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: E-Band SiGe Receiver Circuits

Usama Irshad

Location: 44WTR - Desk 117
Email: usama.irshad@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Smart grids incorporating electric vehicles

Md Tasbirul Islam

Location: 44WTR - Desk G29
Email: md-tasbirul.islam@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Estimating waste electrical and electronics equipment (WEEE) flow In Australia universities using material flow analysis (MFA) and life cycle assessment (LCA) model

Pouya Jamborsalamati

Location: 44WTR - Desk G31
Email: pouya.jamborsalamati@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Future of Electricity Distribution Grids: Fully Automated Self-Healing Systems for Smart Grids

Yuba Raj Kafle

Location: 44WTR - Desk 119
Email: yuba-raj.kafle@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Modulation and Control Of Power Converters in Solid-State Transformers

Asif Khan

Location: 44WTR - Desk G12
Email: asif.khan1@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Control Strategies for unbalanced distribution systems with wind generators

Erfan Khordad

Location: 44WTR - Desk G05
Email: erfan.khordad@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Employing Massive MIMO Technology in Relay-Aided Wireless Networks
Arslan KiyaniLocation: 07WW - Desk 102
Email: arslan.kiyani@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: High Performance Antenna Arrays for Beam Steering Applications

Mst Nishat Yasmin Koli

Location: 07WW - Desk 146
Email: mst-nishat-yasmin.koli@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Next Generation Antenna Design

Ali Lalbakhsh

Location: 07WW - Desk 136
Email: ali.lalbakhsh@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Phase Correction and Beam Steering of Fabry-Perot Resonator Antennas

Bo Li

Location: 44WTR - Desk G01
Email: bo.li17@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: High-Dynamics GNSS Receivers

Zishan Liu

Location: 3IR - Desk 111
Email: zishan.liu@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Device to Device Communication Systems

Dhawal Mahajan

Location: 07WW - Desk 157
Email: dhawal.mahajan@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Simulation Solutions for next generation GaN Technology

Sajjad Mahmoudi

Location: 44WTR - Desk 106
Email: sajjad.mahmoudi@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: The fundamental properties of electrohydrodynamic turbulent flows

M A Parvez Mahmud

Location: 44WTR - Desk 109
Email: m-a-parvez.mahmud@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Life Cycle Assessment and Economic Analysis of Renewable Energy Technologies

Aleksei Marianov

Location: 07WW - Desk 111
Email: aleksei.marianov@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Photoelectrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to valuable chemicals using semiconductor/complex hybrid photocatalysts

Sasa Maric

Location: 07WW - Desk 122
Email: sasa.maric@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: The Development of Novel Physical Layer Security Algorithms to Mitigate Cognitive Radio Attacks
Taye MekonnenLocation: 07WW - Desk 155
Email: taye.mekonnen@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Development of treatment Mechanism For Chronic Respiratory Diseases Through an improved OCT Technique

Leigh Milner

Email: leigh.milner@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Robust and Efficient Design Flow for complex Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Transceivers applied at W-band

Bahare Mohamadzade

Location: 07WW - Desk 134
Email: bahare.mohamadzade@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Compact antennas for 5G cellular systems

Hanieh Mohammad Gholizadeh Mahvizani

Location: 07WW - Desk 156
Email: hanieh.mohammad-gholizadeh-@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Biomechanical analysis of cellular function

Imran Mohammed

Location: 3IR - Desk 115
Email: imran.mohammed@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: 5G Technology

Nabil Mohammed

Location: 44WTR - Desk G18
Email: nabil.mohammed@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Communication & control for electricity systems with highly distributed and variable generation

Naila Mukhtar

Location: 07WW - Desk 113
Email: naila.mukhtar@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Side Channel Analysis of Cryptographic Chips Involved in loT Based Systems

Mohammad Sohrab Hasan Nizami

Location: 44WTR - Desk G23
Email: sohrab.nizami@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Efficient and Reliable Building Energy Management System

Mohammadkazem Papan

Location: 07WW - Desk 162
Email: mohammadkazem.papan@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Developing gold nanoparticle chemiresistor sensors for detection of various analyte in gas or aqueous media

Noushin Poursafar

Location: 44WTR - Desk G22
Email: noushin.poursafar@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Advanced Control Technique for Surgical Robots in Biomedical Application

Sumedha Prabhu

Location: 07WW - Desk 125
Email: sumedha.prabhu@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Smart sensing system for early detection of metastatic brain cancer by targeting biomarkers and detection of levels of creatinine from the samples

Joel Raco

Location: 44WTR - Desk G08
Email: joel.raco@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Fluid Structure Flow Interaction Against Moving Boundary Wall Conditions As Dictated By The Human Airway, An Experimental Approach

Sohaib Rafique

Location: 44WTR - Desk 118
Email: sohaib.rafique@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Potential Impact of electric vehicles on electric power grids

Mohammadamin Raoufi

Location: 07WW - Desk 152
Email: mohammadamin.raoufi@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Mechanism of particle/cell focusing within non-Newtonian fluids using microfluidic systems, mimicking the condition of blood flow within arteries

Pablo Ribeiro Dias

Location: 3IR - Desk 101
Email: pablo.ribeiro-dias@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Management in Australia and Brazil

Pierce Rixon

Location: 3IR - Desk 123
Email: pierce.rixon@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Quantifying Secondary Spectrum and Optimal Timescales in Mobile Wireless Communications

Abu Sadat Md. Sayem

Location: 07WW - Desk 141
Email: abu-sadat-md-.sayem@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Design, Fabrication, and Performance analysis of Flexible Antennas

Irfan Shahid

Location: 50WTR - Desk 141
Email: irfan.shahid@students.mq.edu.au

Vishal Sharma

Location: 50WTR - Desk 140
Email: vishal.sharma1@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Novel on-chip ESD protection power devices

Vivek Sharma

Location: 44WTR - Desk G32
Email: vivek.sharma2@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Harmonic Analysis Of Renewable Energy Fed Electric Drive Systems
Elham Shirani Faradonbeh Email: elham.shirani-faradonbeh@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Detection of diphateria antitoxin using a pumpless open based microfluidic biosensor construction

Sujan Shrestha

Location: 07WW - Desk 150
Email: sujan.shrestha1@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Design of Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA) for wireless communication

Khushboo Singh

Location: 07WW - Desk 127
Email: khushboo.singh@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Reconfigurable Antenna for 5G

Jabra Tarazi

Email: jabra.tarazi@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Millimetre -Wave HEMT Model

Andre Vilanova de Araujo Aquino

Location: 44WTR - G14
Email: andre.aquino@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Aeroelasticity of a Generic Wing in Ground Effect

Morgan Wheatley

Location: 3IR - Desk 121
Email: morgan.wheatley@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Rapid Manufacture Of A 3D Radiochromic For A Multi-Centre Validation Study Of Image-Gated Radiotherapy Techniques

James White

Location: 07WW - Desk 118
Email: james.white1@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Optofluidic Sorting of Ultra-Bright Nanodiamonds

Bin Wu

Location: 50WTR - Desk 138
Email: bin.wu5@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Design of miniaturized on-chip circuit for millimetre-wave applications

Haimei Xu

Location: 07WW - Desk 123
Email: haimei.xu@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Rational design of novel nanocatalysts for biomass conversion

Xiaoxia Yang

Location: 07WW - Desk 163
Email: xiaoxia.yang@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Emission Characteristics of Volatile Organic Compounds from Different Types of Consumer Products

Hijab Zahra

Location: 07WW - Desk 143
Email: hijab.zahra@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Reconfigurable Antennas For Wireless Communication

Fuyuan Zhang

Location: 07EWW
Email: fuyuan.zhang1@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Portable devices for food safety monitoring

Wenwen Zhang

Location: 0WW - Desk 144
Email: wenwen.zhang@hdr.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of novel bio-active materials

Yuxiang Zhu

Location: 07WW - Desk 109
Email: yuxiang.zhu@students.mq.edu.au
Thesis: Carbon Nitride Nanotube-based Photocatalysts for Solar to Chemical Energy Conversion
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