Travel Procedure

Prior to travelling, it is important to review the standard travel procedure, look at the Macquarie University Travel Policy and visit the University's travel planning page for helpful resources.

For step-by-step instructions on the approval and travel booking process, you can visit the "Planning and booking" website!

It is important to not leave travel booking to the last minute. If you get stuck or have questions about booking travel, please contact the professional team.

Absence on Duty (AOD) Form

Any associate (staff/student/visitor) who is conducting business-related activities not on campus are required to submit an Absence on Duty form before work commences.

AOD forms need to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior. The form is required for:

  • All work more than 50 kilometres from North Ryde
  • All work taking longer than 24 hours
  • All fieldwork regardless of time and distance

Please note that the AOD form is now completed and approved online - there is no need to print the document. You can click here to view a guide on how to submit and approve (for supervisors) AoD online forms.

Travel Related Costs

In order for the below costs to be reimbursed, an Australian Business Number (ABN) is required on all receipts.

  • Food
  • Some transport costs (e.g. buses/taxis)
  • Purchases in the field
  • Other incidentals (excludes cleaning and personal hygiene products)

For information on reimbursements, advances, substantiation etc. please visit the Administration Support page.

Note: If you have a Macquarie University corporate credit card, you MUST retain ALL receipts for purchases on that credit card, and upload them to Concur.


Please visit the Fieldwork page for further information.

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