Human Resources

Human Resources

Casual Appointments

If you're looking to appoint a casual academic and/or professional staff member, please provide Phil with the below information:

  • Account number
  • Name and number
  • Level and step (professional only)
  • Job title (professional only)
  • Number of anticipated hours
  • Employment period (start - end)

Reminder: when hiring any casual professional staff to work for you they must have their contracts finalised by HR prior to commencing work.  Working without a contract places them at risk of not being covered in the event of an accident/incident.

We need to have the staff member sign the contract and attach any required documentation before it can be sent to HR.  Also we check that there is enough money in project accounts to cover the cost of the hiring.

To make the process simpler for hiring casual professional staff, you can fill in this template and send it to Phil.


Phil can provide advice on completing time sheets if needed.

Casual academic timesheets are located on HR Online - click here for a user guide.

Casual professional timesheets are located on Timeflier ( - click here for a user guide.

Permanent & Fixed-term

Before a job advertisement can be created, a completed FSE Appointment form must be provided to Amit along with the justification for the appointment.

Please note: you need to tell Amit about the position as soon as possible as all information has to be provided to the FSE fortnightly recruitment panel meeting.

Recruitment and appointing policy

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