Fieldwork is considered as an investigation or search for material, data, etc., made in the field as opposed to the classroom, laboratory, or official headquarters.
For example: local parks, farms, beaches, rock platforms, State Forests, National Parks etc. Fieldwork can include a wide range of activities covering both the terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Note: Travelling to conferences, off-campus laboratory visits, or training courses is not Fieldwork (Absence on Duty required only).

Fieldwork planning steps:

  1. Email the fieldwork manager to organise a fieldwork induction. The fieldwork manager will help you with planning fieldwork, understanding policies and procedures and how to use the online field risk assessment program, equipment or training requirements, available resources and booking systems.
  2. Complete a vehicle induction and organise access to vehicle keys if a university fleet vehicle is required for undertaking any off-campus activity
  3. Logistically plan accommodation, travel, participants and your itinerary to the best of your ability. This is required to complete the Field Friendly entry. Please consult with the fieldwork manager if there are any issues in the planning stages.

    Note: some bookings may not be approved or made until your fieldwork is approved, but they can still be planned.

  4. Complete all field planning through Field Friendly and ensure it is approved before entering the field.

  5. Complete an Absence on Duty application. Please allow at least two weeks for approval

  6. Collect any safety or fieldwork related equipment from the appropriate professional staff. The fieldwork manager can advise you who to contact.

  7. Embark on safe and successful fieldwork. Please contact the fieldwork manager immediately if there are any changes to fieldwork, accidents or incidents.

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