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Macquarie University GeoAnalytical

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MQ GeoAnalytical (MQGA) in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences includes a world-class instrument park and associated clean-room geochemical laboratories that are available for research and teaching. The MQGA is recognized internationally as an outstanding integrated analytical facility and is continuing to develop a unique infrastructure based on in situ imaging and microanalysis of trace elements and isotopic ratios in minerals, rocks, and fluids.

Our mission is innovative method development and cutting-edge research for real-world geological and environmental challenges.

Do you have a scientific question or curiosity and aren't sure where to start?

With our broad expertise, we have worked in a range of sciences from Archaeology to Zircons. Contact us and let our expert staff help you create a plan to address your questions.

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The MQGA is proudly supported or working in conjunction with the following groups:

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