Equity, diversity and inclusion

Equity, diversity and inclusion

Macquarie University prides itself on being a vibrant, diverse and innovative university which prioritises inclusion, equity and diversity in employment and education.

Inclusiveness is about creating systems which are fair and which allow access for all people who have the potential to benefit from a higher education, regardless of their background.

It is also about creating a work environment where people from diverse backgrounds are represented and have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully and develop professionally. To this end, the University is committed to creating a work and study environment where all members of the University community can flourish.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Group

The group was formed in 2019 to support the need for increased awareness on diversity, inclusion and equity and to engage with initiatives that will help the Department meet both internal and University wide goals in these areas.

The group aims to meet four times per year and the membership includes a broad cross section of staff and students who are committed to embedding the principles of inclusion, equity and diversity into everyday practices.

Our focus areas

  • Accessibility for staff and students from minority or underrepresented groups.
  • Cultural diversity in recruitment, study and leadership opportunities.
  • Gender equity in building the talent pipeline within geosciences.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the group chair Martina Stiemer for further information.

Current membership

  • Martina Stiemer (Department Manager)
  • Prof Dorrit Jacobs (Head of Department)
  • Dr Heather Handley
  • Dr Steven Hansen
  • Dr Yi-Jen Lai
  • Professor Simon George
  • Dr Laura Otter (ECR)
  • Dr April Abbot (ECR)

Resources and support

Macquarie University provides comprehensive support for students and staff in the areas of general wellbeing, mental health and welfare.

If you require immediate assistance or crisis support please refer to wellbeing support.

Macquarie University Ally Network local members

  • TBA

Mental health trained staff

  • Martina Stiemer (Department Manager), Rm 317 12WW
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