Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

We apply our collective expertise to society’s critical earth science challenges and provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment for our future leaders.

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Department of Environmental Sciences have now merged into the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES). A new web site is coming in 2020.

Our department aspires to build a community of creative and critical thinkers that sets the geoscience agenda.

We aim to better comprehend how the Earth works, how it influences our lives, and the impacts that we have as a society on the Earth:

  • What makes for a habitable planet?
  • How do we use knowledge of the past to save our future?
  • How does the planet work?
  • How do we help to locate the mineral and energy resources needed by global industry and our civilization?
  • How has life changed processes at the Earth’s surface?

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences was ranked in the top 50 international programs in Earth and Marine Science by QS University in 2016.

EPS’s research strength lie in geodynamics, geochemistry and petrology.

  • Geophysics - encompassing geodynamics, numerical modelling and seismology;
  • Geobiology - including organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry. marine geology
  • Planetary Science - including planetary dynamics, meteorite studies, and experimental planetology.

Our program is unique in the diversity and inter-connectivity of the individual research strands that cross conventional sub-discipline boundaries.  We take a four dimensional Earth systems approach that exploits geological settings, advances in instrumentation and modelling to understand processes from a fundamental, mechanistic perspective.

Our analytical laboratories are world leading for nanoscale in situ analysis for spatially resolved geochemistry, advanced computing power to model planetary processes, experimental facilities capable of simulating earth and planetary processes, microscale analysis of the organic-mineral interface.

We offer coursework programs and majors at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as higher degree research. Our research and teaching is focussed on geophysics, geodynamics, geochemistry, petrology, marine geoscience, geobiology and planetary science. These areas can be integrated with many other disciplines.

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