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The Department of Computing is committed to excellence in research and teaching. We offer a broad range of programs from cyber security to web design for the modern IT type, but we also get students out there, in the real world, for the training that really matters. Our degrees are designed alongside industry with a major project during student’s final year in our Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) unit which gets them into the modern workplace for the real-world training.

Undergraduate courses

Bachelor of Information Technology

Students will develop IT skills to build and use information systems, build client-server web applications, or manage data.

Students can also choose one of five majors:

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Bachelor of Information Technology - Games Design and Development

Provides thorough grounding in software design and development, equivalent to the Software Technology major of the standard Bachelor of Information Technology. It includes specialist units in video games. Some of these cover practical applications of information technology development skills to game development projects whilst others provide a critical approach to video games as designs and cultural media products students.

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Bachelor of Digital Business ( discontinued from 2019S2)

This interdisciplinary course qualifies students for a wide range of careers in digital business and you will gain skills in both information technology and business.

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Postgraduate courses

Master of Information Technology

This degree provides the opportunity to strengthen students understanding of underlying principles by applying them to practical, industry-focused problems. The knowledge and skill students gain in the coursework units is consolidated through a capstone project in a leading-edge topic.

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Master of Data Science

Data has the potential to transform the way business, government, science and healthcare is carried out. Conventional manual techniques, however, aren't capable of handling the deluge of data that modern systems generate. This interdisciplinary degree will enhance your skills and give you a range of technical skills necessary to work in data science across a variety of industries.

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Master of Information Technology (Cyber Security)

This course will commence from Session 2 in 2019.  Cyber security is always in the spotlight, whether it's a story about data breaches or election hacking. Unfortunately, cybercrime isn't just limited to these areas with cyber criminals posing a risk to everyone and every organisation. Governments and businesses, therefore, need qualified staff who have a broad range of skills and experience to tackle increasing levels of cybercrime. There is, however, a significant skills shortage in the cyber security field, meaning experts are in demand both in Australia and globally.

This course is unique in New South Wales as it brings together studies in risk, IT, finance, law, governance and policing, providing you with a multidisciplinary skill set that will enable you to lead more effective responses to security challenges. You'll also benefit from our close collaboration with Optus and other major companies in the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub.

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Master of Science

Technological change is transforming the way we live, work, learn and communicate, which means that there's a vital skills gap for scientists with entrepreneurship and leadership skills. This inventive degree provides you with training and immersive experience in how to take cutting-edge ideas in scientific disciplines from conception through development to realisation. It also builds skills in entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation, as they apply to a range of scientific fields, supported by advanced technologies.  Students can choose to specialise in Information Technology and also take elective units in related fields such as Statistics.

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Higher Degree Research

For students interested in progressing into higher degree research study, the Department of Computing offers Master of Research and PhD programs in a wide range of Information Technology fields. You will work with world-class researchers and be supported through the Department’s HDR program with resources and professional training.

The MRes program consists of 32 credit points in Year 1 and an individual research project with one-on-one academic supervision (equivalent to 32 credit points) in Year 2. Students have access to a range of units from a variety of subject areas across the University. This allows the construction of a program relevant to your specific interests and skills, subject to academic approval.

A PhD in information technology at Macquarie University involves extensive research alongside some the world’s best scholars in state of the art research facilities.

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