Smart System and Data Engineering Group

Smart System and Data Engineering Group

Smart System and Data Engineering Research Group


NameEmailResearch Interest
Prof. Yan Wang (Group Leader)

Trust Management, Service-orientated Computing, Social Networks, Cloud Computing, Recommender Systems Security, Cyber Security

Dr. Young Lee (Coordinator) Computing, High Performance Computing, Parallel and Distributed Systems.
Dr. Guanfeng Learning, Graph Mining, Trust Management and Security
Prof. Mehmet Intelligence, Trust & Security, Intelligent Agents.
Dr. Zhu Systems, Deep Learning, Data Mining
Prof. Michael of Things, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Web Science, Service-oriented Computing Pervasive Computing, Sensor Networks
Prof. Jian Networks, Business Process Management, Service Oriented Computing Database
Dr. Jia Mining, Graph Mining, Deep Learning, Social Networks, Social Recommendation
Dr. James Systems, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Service Orientated Computing, Pervasive Computing, Mobile Computing, Vehicular Networks
Dr. Yipeng Systems, Social Multimedia, Vehicular Networks
Postdoctoral Research Fellows
NameEmailResearch Interest
Dr. William

Social Networks, Service Computing, Business Process Management

Current Research Students
Mr. Abdulwahab Mohammed M Candidate
Mr Samundra Candidate
Ms Xiu Candidate
Mr Yang Candidate
Mr Mahmud Candidate
Mr Sudath Rohitha Candidate
Mr Zawar Candidate
Ms Maryam Candidate
Ms Peiyao Candidate
Mr Jianchao Candidate
Mr Adnan Mahmood Candidate
Mrs Salma Abdalla Ibrahim Candidate
Ms Thi Vanh Khuyen Nguyen Candidate
Mr Robertus Candidate
Mr Amirmohammad Candidate
Mr Ali Candidate
Mr Guohan Sun Candidate
Mr Dai Hoang Candidate
Ms Qi Candidate
Mr Qianli Candidate
Mr Pengbo Candidate
Mr Bin Candidate
Ms Zizhu Candidate
Mr Feng Candidate

External Competitive Research Grants

(17 ARC projects, Lead CIs in 13 projects: 1 FT, 2 DECRAs, 10 DPs, 3 LPs, 1 LIEF)

  • DECRA18: Dr Y Zhou, Building Intelligence into Online Video Services by Learning User Interests
  • DP18: A/Prof Y Wang, Prof M Sheng, Prof M Orgun, Reputation-based Trust Management in Crowdsourcing Environments
  • LE18: Prof M Sheng, Prof A Bouguettaya, Prof S Loke, Prof X Li, Prof W Liang; Prof B Benatallah, Prof M Ali-Babar, Prof J Yang, Prof A Zomaya, A/Prof Y Wang, Prof W Zhou, Dr L Yao, Dr K Taylor, Prof N Bergmann, A Large-scale Distributed Experimental Facility for the Internet of Things
  • DP15: Prof A Bouguettaya, A/Prof Y Wang, Prof E Bertino, Reputation-based Trust Framework for Composed Services
  • DP15: Prof B. Benatallah, Prof J. Yang, Federated Cloud Services Configuration and Orchestration
  • DP14: Prof J. Yang, Prof J. Su, From Data to Artefact: a Key Ingredient in Service Interoperation
  • LP14: A Y Zomaya, T Zahir, Y C Lee and C Bangalore, Energy-Efficient Computing: Expanding the Role of Scheduling in Cloud Data Centres
  • FT14: Prof M Sheng, Efficient Management of Things for the Future World Wide Web
  • DE14: Dr Y C Lee, Non-intrusive Resource Sharing for Cloud Data Centre Efficiency
  • DP14: Prof X Li, Prof M Sheng, J Lipman, R Boots, Effective Recommendations based on Multi-Source Data
  • DP13: Prof M Sheng, A/Prof. X Li and Dr D Ranasinghe, Learning Human Activities through Low Cost, Unobtrusive RFID Technology
  • LP12: Prof J Yang, Prof M A Orgun and A/Prof Y Wang, A Personalized Social Network Based Location Search and Recommender System
  • LP10: A/Prof M Sheng, D Ranasinghe, Prof P Cole, Managing Uncertainty in RFID Traceability Networks
  • DP10: A Y Wang, A/Prof M A Orgun and Prof. E-P Lim, Trust-Oriented Social Relation Analysis and Social Relation Aware Rating Analysis in Trust Management
  • DP08: Dr M Sheng, Prof P Cole, Towards Scalable, Internet-Based RFID Traceability Networks
  • DP08: Dr M Sheng, A Platform for Rapid and Flexible Development of Context-Aware Web Services
  • DP07: A/Prof J. Yang, A Formal Framework For Developing and Managing Service Oriented Business Collaboration
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