Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

The Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (ML-NLP) group studies systems that learn from data (machine learning), with a key focus of several members being systems that understand, produce and learn natural languages from a computational perspective (Natural Language Processing, which often uses machine learning techniques in tackling tasks such as machine translation or summarisation). We also work on systems built around machine learning in a range of other application areas as well, such as vision, games and virtual agents.

Several members of the group are also part of Macquarie's Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS).


We have a weekly research seminar that meets on Mondays, 11.00 – 12.30, at 9 Wally's Walk (building E6A), room 357.

We also have a weekly Machine Learning Reading Group that meets on Wednesdays, 2.00 – 3.30, at the same location.

The weekly Image Analysis Reading Group meets on Mondays, 3.30-5.00, also at the same location.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend any of these.


Current Research Students
  • Saruar Alam
  • Ava Assadi
  • Jonas Groschwitz
  • Taherah Hassanzadeh
  • Bayzid Hossain
  • Mandeep Kaur
  • Anish Kumar
  • Paria Jamshid Lou
  • Yitao Liu
  • Robert Newport
  • Omid Nezami
  • Nick Reynolds
  • Maryam Shahpasand
  • Sonit Singh
  • Leonardo dos Santos Pinheiro
  • Mahmood Yousefiazar
  • Zhendong Zhao
Visitors/Adjunct Members:
  • Hadi Afshar
  • Kinzang Chhogyal
  • Long Duong
  • Dominique Estival
  • Shervin Malmasi
  • Glen Pink
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