Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

The Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (ML-NLP) group studies systems that learn from data (machine learning), with a key focus of several members being systems that understand, produce and learn natural languages from a computational perspective (Natural Language Processing, which often uses machine learning techniques in tackling tasks such as machine translation or summarisation). We also work on systems built around machine learning in a range of other application areas as well, such as vision, games and virtual agents.


We have a weekly research seminar that meets on Mondays, 11.00 – 12.30, at 9 Wally's Walk (building E6A), room 357.

We also have a weekly Machine Learning Reading Group that meets on Wednesdays, 2.00 – 3.30, at the same location.

The weekly Image Analysis Reading Group meets on Mondays, 3.30-5.00, also at the same location.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend any of these.


Current Research Students
  • Saruar Alam
  • Ava Assadi
  • Jonas Groschwitz
  • Taherah Hassanzadeh
  • Bayzid Hossain
  • Mandeep Kaur
  • Anish Kumar
  • Paria Jamshid Lou
  • Yitao Liu
  • Robert Newport
  • Omid Nezami
  • Nick Reynolds
  • Maryam Shahpasand
  • Sonit Singh
  • Leonardo dos Santos Pinheiro
  • Mahmood Yousefiazar
  • Zhendong Zhao
Visitors/Adjunct Members:
  • Hadi Afshar
  • Kinzang Chhogyal
  • Long Duong
  • Dominique Estival
  • Shervin Malmasi
  • Glen Pink
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