Virtual Reality and Interactive Systems

Virtual Reality and Interactive Systems

Virtual Reality and Interactive Systems

Recent/current Projects

  • Videogames and ethical decision-making
  • Player retention in online mutiplayer games - what can we use to predict whether players are likely to give up playing the game?
  • Player performance and predicting victory in online mutiplayer games - how can we assess the performance of individual players and use that in predicting which team will win?
  • What is eSports? - With the rise in popularity of eSports do we understand what it is and how it relates to sport, play and videogames?
  • Player relationship to character - what affects the relationship that players have with the in-games characters?
  • Educational Virtual Worlds for School Students –  Omosa Virtual World for Science Inquiry Adherence to medical treatment advice Changing Stigmatising Attitudes to Mental Health Heath Education/behaviour change/consumer empowerment


Research Students
  • Amal Abdulrahman
  • Farshid Anvari
  • Amara Atif
  • Wayne Charters
  • Tamara Ginige (completed)
  • Nader Hanna (completed)
  • Anupam Makhija
  • Christopher McCutcheon
  • Hedieh Ranjbartabar
  • Di Wang


  • Patrina Caldwell, Children's Hospital Westmead
  • Frank Dignum, Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • Paul Formosa (Philosophy), Macquarie University
  • Stephanie Howarth (Psychology), Macquarie University
  • Michael Jacobson, School of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney
  • Jane Messer (Creative Writing), Macquarie University


  • 18th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, November 5-8, Sydney, Australia
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