Our research

Our research

The Department of Computing’s research develops computational methods that solve real-world problems by collaborating with industry, and government and research agencies. Research at the Department is classified into three broad themes

Intelligent and Data Intensive Computing

Research in this space develops techniques that can learn, predict, and make decisions. From AI and machine learning techniques, through data mining and natural language understanding, to large scale distributed computation technologies, this research spans a diverse range of applications, including marketing, medical and finance domains.

Secure and Reliable Systems

Projects in this area strive for fundamental advances in security and cryptography, formal methods, programming and software verification techniques. These improvements allow for trustworthy systems, services and support. Research outcomes are applied in networking, cloud computing, trusted computing, software systems, large-scale data, mobile and wireless, and Internet of Things.

Human Computer Interactions

Focusing on the interaction between human beings and computer technology, research in this field takes a human-centric approach. Using Macquarie’s leading-edge facilities – including the renowned Simulation Hub, researchers investigate several fields contributing to the evolution of HCI technologies. These include the design and development of pervasive interfaces, video games, motion tracking, training simulations, collaborative and immersive environments and the overall evaluation of a game product.

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