Our people

Our people

Professor Michael Sheng

Head of Department

Professor Michael Sheng

Michael Sheng is a full Professor and Head of Department of Computing at Macquarie University. Before moving to Macquarie, Michael spent 10 years at School of Computer Science, the University of Adelaide. Michael holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales and did his post-doc as a research scientist at CSIRO ICT Centre.

The Executives of the Department

Executive Role Name Areas of Interests
Deputy Head of DepartmentDr Len Hamey Pattern Recognition,Computer Vision,Machine Learning,Image Processing,Artificial Neural Networks
Director of Teaching A/Prof Franck CassezFormal Methods,Software Verification,Static Analysis,Real-Time Systems Verification and Control
Director of Teaching A/Prof Anthony Sloane Programming Languages, Software Language Engineering
Director of Postgraduate Coursework Programs A/Prof Manolya Kavakli Virtual Reality,Computer Games,Human Computer Interaction,Information Processing and Cognitive Modelling
MRes Coordinator A/Prof Mark Dras Data Science, Natural Language Processing,
Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning
Director of Higher Degree Research A/Prof Yan Wang Trust Management,Services Computing,Social Networks,Security
Director of Research Prof Jian Yang Social Network,Business Process Management,Service Oriented Computing,Database

Director of Industry and External Relations

(OSP Jan-Jul 2018)

Prof Deborah RichardsVirtual Humans,Agent-based Simulations,Virtual Reality and Simulations,Knowledge Acquisition,Serious Games (education, training and health)

Academic staff

Name Position Areas of Interests
Dr. Hassan AsgharLecturer in Computer Science Data Privacy, Authentication, Cryptography and Information Security.

Dr. Peter Busch

OSP Jan-Jul 2018

Senior Lecturer
Chair, FSE Human Research Ethics Sub-Committee
Information Systems - Knowledge Management, Organisational Learning,
Knowledge Flows, Business Processes, Social Network Analysis.
Dr. Amin BeheshtiLecturer in Data Science
Acting Director of Industry & External Relations

Data Science, Big-Data/Data/Process Analytics, Service/Social/Cognitive Computing, Case/Business-Process Management.

A/Prof Steve Cassidy Associate Professor Data Science, Language Resources and Semantic Web.
A/Prof Mark Dras Associate Professor
MRes Coordinator
RPL Officer
Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics,
Machine Learning.
A/Prof Franck Cassez Associate Professor
Director of Teaching
Formal Methods, Software Verification, Static Analysis, Real-Time Systems Verification and Control.
A/Prof. Christophe Doche Associate Professor
Executive Director of the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub
Cyber Security - Cryptography.
Dr Len Hamey Senior Lecturer
Deputy Head of Department
Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image Processing,
Artificial Neural Networks.
A/Prof Michael Hitchens Associate Professor
FSE A/Dean of Quality & Standards
Computer Security, Videogames, Roleplaying Games, Player/Avatar Interaction.
Prof Mark Johnson Professor Data Science, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, Statistical Models.
Prof Michael Johnson Professor
RPL Officer
Cyber Security, Category Theory.
Prof Dali KaafarProfessor, Scientific Director of Cyber Security Hub

Privacy Preserving Technologies, Web Security and Malware Detection, Human Identification, Next Generation Authentication systems, Networks Measurement and Modelling.

A/Prof Manolya Kavakli Associate Professor
Director of Postgraduate Coursework Programs
Virtual Reality,Computer Games, Human Computer Interaction,
Information Processing and Cognitive Modelling.
Dr. Young Choon Lee Senior Lecturer
RPL Officer        
Distributed Systems, Cloud and Edge Computing, Data-Intensive Computing.
Prof Bernard Mans Professor
FSE Deputy Dean
Algorithms and Complexity, Graphs, Mobile & Wireless Computing.
Dr. Scott McCallum Senior Lecturer Symbolic and Algebraic Computation.
Prof Annabelle McIver Professor
Deputy Director of Industry & External Relations
Formal Verification and Modelling of Probabilistic Systems, Quantitative Logics, Quantitative Information Flow for Security.
Dr. Diego Molla Aliod Senior Lecturer
Deputy Director of Higher Degree Research
RPL Officer
Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning, Bio-medicine.
A/Prof Abhaya Nayak Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation.
Prof Mehmet Orgun Professor
Deputy Director of Research
Artificial Intelligence,Trust & Security,Intelligent Agents.
Dr. Matthew Roberts Senior Lecturer Programming Languages,Type Systems.
Dr. Malcolm Ryan Senior Lecturer Artificial Intelligence, Planning, Knowledge Representation, Deep Learning,
Game Design - Ethical engagement, Crowd Simulation, Serious games.

Prof Deborah Richards

OSP Jan-Jul 2018

Director of Industry & External Relations
Virtual Humans, Agent-based Simulations,Virtual Reality and Simulations,Knowledge Acquisition, Serious Games (education, training and health).
Dr. Rolf Schwitter Senior Lecturer
RPL Officer
Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Data Science.
Dr. Rajan Shankaran Senior Lecturer
Deputy Director of Postgraduate Coursework Programs
Cyber Security,Mobile and Wireless Networks Security,
Trust in Mobile Networks.
Prof Michael Sheng Professor
Head of Department
Web of Things, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Web Science, Service-oriented Computing, Pervasive Computing, Sensor Networks.
A/Prof Anthony Sloane Associate Professor
Director of Teaching
Programming Languages, Software Language Engineering.
Dr. Stephen Smith Lecturer
RPL Officer
Department WH&S Representative
Information Systems, Green IS, IS Security, Emergency Management, eGovernment.
Prof Dominic Verity Professor Category Theory, Programming Languages, Semantics and Type Theory.
A/Prof Yan Wang Associate Professor
Director of Higher Degree Research
Trust Management, Services Computing, Social Networks, Security.
Dr. Jia WuLecturer in Data ScienceData Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics.
Prof Jian Yang Professor
Director of Research
Social Network, Business Process Management, Service Oriented Computing, Database.
Dr. James Xi ZhengLecturer in Software Engineering

Internet of Things, Service-oriented Computing, Pervasive Computing, Sensor Networks, Cyber Physical Systems, Software Testing and Verification, Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics.

Professional staff

NamePosition Contact Details
Jo AboudAdmin and Outreach CoordinatorOffice:  E6A 364
Phone: 9850 6331
Email:  jo.aboud@mq.edu.au
Melina Chan Department Manager Office:  E6A 361
Phone: 9850 9510
Email:  melina.chan@mq.edu.au
Sylvian Chow Administrator Academic Office:  E6A 359
Phone: 9850 9105
Email:  sylvian.chow@mq.edu.au
Karen LeungAdministrative AssistantOffice:  E6A 360
Phone: 9850 9563
Email:  karen.leung@mq.edu.au
Jackie Walsh Administrative Assistant Office:  E6A 360
Phone: 9850 9514
Email:  jackie.walsh@mq.edu.au
Grace ZhaoAdministrator Finance and StaffOffice:  E6A 364
Phone: 9850 9526
Email:  grace.zhao@mq.edu.au

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Name Contact Details Areas of Interests
Dr. Tahiry Rabehaja

Office:  EMC, 3 Innovation Road- Suite 12
Phone: 9850 9568
Email:  tahiry.rabehaja@mq.edu.au

Program Verification and Security Analysis
Dr. Min Sha Office:  E6A 373
Phone: 9850 9571
Email:  min.sha@mq.edu.au
Number Theory and Its Applications in Cryptography,
Graph Theory
Dr. Wei ZhangOffice:  E6A 326
Phone: 9850 9709
Email:  w.zhang@mq.edu.au
Big Data Analytics,
Data Mining,
Machine Learning,
Natural Language Processing
Dr William Zhao Office:  E6A 308
Phone: 9850 5398
Email:  weiliang.zhao@mq.edu.au

Social Network,
Service Computing,
Business Process Management

Adjunct Professors, Honorary Professors, Honorary Fellows

Name Position Contact Details
Prof Robert Dale Adjunct Professor Email: robert.dale@mq.edu.au
Prof Mikhail Prokopenko Adjunct Professor Email: mikhail.prokopenko@mq.edu.au
Prof Josef Pieprzyk Honorary Professor Email: josef.pieprzyk@mq.edu.au
Prof Igor Shparlinski Honorary Professor Email: igor.shparlinski@mq.edu.au
Prof Vijay VaradharajanHonorary ProfessorEmail: vijay.varadharajan@mq.edu.au 
Dr Udaya TupakulaHonorary Senior LecturerEmail: udaya.tupakula@mq.edu.au 
Dr. Lee Flax Honorary Fellow Email: lee.flax@mq.edu.au
A/Prof Leszek Maciaszek Honorary Fellow Email: leszek.maciaszek@mq.edu.au
A/Prof Gunther Rossmanith Honorary Fellow Email: gunther.rossmanith@mq.edu.au
Dr. Danny Liu Visiting Fellow Email: danny.liu@mq.edu.au
Prof. Sooyong Kang Visiting Professor Email: sooyong.kang@mq.edu.au

Please see a full list of staff and HDR students at Computing here

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