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 News and Events at Computing

20.11.2017 Sydney Area Programming Language Interest Group (SAPLING) Meeting 2017

SAPLING aims to promote and develop research in the Programming Languages field within Sydney and surrounding areas, particularly including nearby regional centres such as Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong, but not excluding places further afield.

The 2017 SAPLING meeting will be held at Macquarie University in Sydney on 20 Nov 2017. Details here.

9.10.2017 Congratulations to Computing Staff for Successful Learning and Teaching Strategic Projects

Computing staff members performed well in the recently announced MQ Learning and Teaching Strategic Priority 2017 Round 2 project grant application:

Dr Matthew Roberts and team for Electronic exams NOW!  App to enable secure coding exams in computing labs

Dr Malcolm Ryan for Assessment and video development for Computer Games (COMP111)

Serene Lin-Stephens (FSE Careers) and team (Dr Stephen Smith, Dr Rolf Schwitter from Computing) for SHINE - a digital mobile pocket portfolio app linking LMSs to evidence employability (Phase III)

29.8.2017 Congratulations to 2017 Three Minutes Thesis Competition Winners

Department of Computing 3MT Competition was held successfully on 29 August 2017. Congratulations to the following winners:

Winner selected by the panel: David Walker; 1st Runner-up: Jonas Groschwitz; 2nd Runner-up: Zizhu Zhang. Winner of People’s Choice: David Walker

12.9.2017 Congratulations to Prof Deborah Richards' team on receiving the Quality and Innovation Award

Prof Deborah Richards’ team at Macquarie and A/Prof Patrina Caldwell’s team at Children’s Hospital Westmead had received the Quality and Innovation Award. This award aims to recognise the innovative and effective use of digital technologies and built environments in ways that are transforming healthcare delivery in NSW.

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28 - 29.9.2017 Professional Development for Computing/TAS Teachers

This is a two-day course (free registration), providing 10 hours of NESA approved professional development, for high school TAS/Computing teachers that covers the syllabus topics of Databases, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development and Digital Media. Materials created for this course were funded by the Google CS4HS 2017 Award.

5.09.2017 Knowledge Representation Conventicle 2017

"Knowledge representation and reasoning is a core research area in artificial intelligence. This research has provided deep insight into computational aspects of knowledge and formal aspects of commonsense reasoning. Besides its impact on artificial intelligence, knowledge representation has also contributed to the wider field of computer science. While the central issues have changed over the years, new open problems arise to challenge the best minds."  Norman Foo, KR Conventicle 2002

The aim of the Australian Knowledge Representation Conventicle is to:

  • Examine the state-of-the-art in knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Identify the focal issues at hand
  • Set new directions for future research.

16.08.2017 A great story from our graduate student - Joe Chan, co-founder of Tenderfield in 2014

Inspired by the “Business-of-One” model introduced in COMP344 (E-Commerce Technology), Mr Joe Chan, a Macquarie computing graduate, co-founded Tenderfield in 2014. Tenderfield offers a cloud-based, end-to-end integrated platform that enables project stakeholders to collaborate on all aspects of the project management process, including tendering, document management and overall project management in one seamless, simple and secure platform.
With just three years, Tenderfield has quickly grown into a major service provider for the construction industry and is among the winners of "The 200 Businesses of Tomorrow" in 2017, sponsored by Westpac Group.

28.06.2017 Congratulations to A/Prof Yan Wang on receiving the IEEE TCSVC 2017 Outstanding Service Award

A/Prof Yan Wang received the award while he is attending ICWS 2017 Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. This award is given to Yan for his long-time leadership and dedicated service to the Web service community. The award is endorsed by  IEEE Technical Committee on Services Computing (TC-SVC),

IEEE TC-SVC ( is a main body advancing research and education of services computing.

1.06.2017  Congratulations to A/Prof Manolya Kavakli-Thorne on the ARC linkage project.

This ARC project is about developing a lifeguard training simulation at the VR Lab. It aims to improve the timely identification of swimmers at risk of drowning by drawing on a range of theoretical, empirical, and methodological approaches from the disciplines of organisational psychology, human factors, cognitive science and computer science.Lifeguards are vital for maintaining public safety at aquatic venues, however despite their presence, fatal and non-fatal drownings occur every year with little known about the factors that affect vigilance, scanning and sustained attention in such a complex, dynamic environment. Expected outcomes of the project include evidence-based solutions for selecting, training and maintaining the performance of lifeguards that account for both organisational and individual factors. These will improve Australia’s ability to build social capital in both urban and rural centres by providing the safest possible community swimming pools.

Find out more about this news, please click here.

12-13.05.2017  Macquarie Data Science Student Challenge

Macquarie Data Science Student Challenge is part of a global series of Hackathons, and will take place on May 12-13 (Friday-Saturday of week 9) at the Atrium. These events are designed to ignite a passion for the amazing things made possible by Data Science and to help students develop the skills necessary to harness the power of analytics.This event is sponsored by Microsoft with prizes, and Department of Computing will contribute one judge and assistance during development.

Find out more about this event and registration details here.

11.05.2017 Macquarie Research Appears at Prestigious Communications of the ACM

Prof. Michael Sheng and A/Prof. Yan Wang, along with other 22 researchers around the world, published a review article in the April Issue of Communications of the ACM ( The article, entitled "A Service Computing Manifesto: The Next 10 Years" (, defines a 10-year roadmap, which outlines the challenges and strategies for the widespread adoption of service computing.

Established in 1957 and read by over 85,000 computing researchers and practitioners worldwide, communications of the ACM is the premier chronicler of computing technologies, covering the latest discoveries, innovations, and research that inspire and influence the field.

11.05.2017 Congratulations to Computing Students for Winning the 2016 Judyth Sachs PACE prize in Faculty of Science and Engineering

Congratulations to the group of ISYS358/ISYS355/COMP355 students from 2016 for being jointly awarded the 2016 Judyth Sachs PACE prize in Faculty of Science and Engineering, under the 'long' category (pertaining to number of activity hours). The students in the group are as follows:  Tim Bishop, Daniel Barnes, Leon Mercanti, Zackery Robison, Chris Masi, and Zesheng Peng.

The students were tasked with converting a paper-based data collection system to one that was digitised and supported by a back-end database, for Surf Life Saving Australia. In particular, this led the group to develop the Surf Hazard Rating Digitisation System (SHRDS). This system has significant value for Surf Life Saving Australia in its day-to-day work, as well as the resources, time, and money it saves the charity-based organisation. Further,  the broader community will benefit tremendously from automated, efficient, and accurate data that informs hazard decision-making. 

Recognition is due also to the supervisors, Professor Deborah Richards and Dr. Stephen Smith, for convening of these units and the wonderful outcomes made possible as a result!

09.05.2017 Congratulations to Deborah and Len for the Google CS4HS 2017 Award

As part of Google's growing efforts to support Computer Science education, they have offered Professor Deborah Richards and Dr. Len Hamey the Google CS4HS 2017 Award.  Congratulations!

Find out more about this grant here.

16-26.04.2017 Training and Team Selection of Informatics Olympiad (IOI) 2017

About 20 students, among the finest programmers in Australia, are flying from all over the country to get training at Macquarie University for a period of 10 days starting on Easter Sunday in preparation for the actual programming competition.  Professor Michael Johnson at Department of Computing has been looking after the training and team selection in preparation of the Informatics Olympiad in the past and again in 2017.

This is announced on this website

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