Engage with us

Engage with us

The Department of Computing is committed to furthering our collective success by welcoming new students, researchers and stakeholders into our community.

As an immensely popular field, we open our doors to high school students looking to learn more about the many opportunities available at Macquarie University. We have also established a training program for high school teachers to grasp an understanding of our teaching methods, expertise and capabilities.

The department continues to enjoy our unique initiative as a purpose-built hub that brings industry partners, students of all levels and academics of various backgrounds together.

If you’d like to find out more about events, seminars, and other ways we can engage with you, please contact us.

Engage with us- 2019

Expression of Interest - Sessional teaching in 2019 S2

The expressions of interest for sessional teaching in Session Two 2019 is open for those (including suitably qualified postgraduate students) who want to be considered for a casual teaching position. We are seeking tutors for new and existing units. Please register your interest by filling out the form here.

Click here to see a list of the units offered in Session Two.

Expression of Interest - ITEC852 S2

As a Lecturer Computing (Networking) you are required to teach units in the Postgraduate Program. Ideally, You need to have a range of practical and knowledge based skills in (but not restricted to): network communication protocols, Internetworking hardware/software, mobile networks, computer system and network security, multimedia networks cloud technologies and virtualisation.

Key Responsibilities

  • Be accountable for high quality module learning and resources
  • Develop and deliver high quality and consistent teaching.
  • Provide support and assistance with the department’s teaching relating activities in line with the University’s policy

Please register your interest by filling out the form here.

11 - 12 July 2019 Professional Development Courses for Computing/TAS Teachers (Endorsed by NESA)

The 2019 Department of Computing Professional Development Courses offer 2 consecutive one-day courses (9:00am - 4:00pm) aimed at Primary School and/or non-IT trained teachers and High School TAS/Computing teachers. Teachers who participate in the two day workshops receive 11 hours of Professional Development.

The courses are held at Macquarie University.

Department of Computing's Professional Development workshops cost $15 for one day (5.5 hours) and $25 for two days (11 hours).

Big Data Society

For more information about events and how to join, follow the link.

Event held up Big Data Society in 2019:

  • ITIC - Free Student Workshop - IP, Cloud and Data-Centre- 21 February 2019
  • ITIC - Free Student Workshop - Data Centre and Virtualisation Technology - 8 April 2019

MACS- Macquarie Association of Computing Students

For more information about events and how to join, follow the link

Events held by MACS in 2019

  • Welcome to Session One BBQ, 14 March 2019

Engage with us- 2018

Summer Vacation Scholarship

Details will be provided later for Summer Vacation Scholarship in 2019.

29.11.2018 Computing Industry Networking Event

The 2018 Computing Industry Networking event was a showcase of the Department's achievements. There was a presentation by an invited industry person from SAS Australia. Selected student groups presented their projects conducted during the semester. Throughout the evening, Computing PhD Candidates displayed a poster summarising their research.

For more information about the event programme visit https://www.mq.edu.au/about/about-the-university/faculties-and-departments/faculty-of-science-and-engineering/departments-and-centres/department-of-computing/computing-industry-networking-event

Department of Computing Professional Development Workshop Resources 2018

Click here for resources for the Computing 2018 Professional Development Courses (supported by Google Science Education and endorsed by NESA).

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