Department of Computing

Department of Computing

Department of Computing

The Department of Computing is a vibrant hub committed to redefining the boundaries of computer sciences.

Be inspired by the creative and deeply innovative efforts the department delivers year in, year out. Our line of work continues to make its mark on industry as our teachers, researchers and graduating students establish excellence throughout the IT fields.

Offering exceptional facilities at our own campus in Sydney’s ‘Silicon Valley’, our advanced resources allow our students to excel on a cross-disciplinary basis. With virtual reality and cyber security labs readily accessible, we consider our environment to be a unique initiative that brings academics of all backgrounds together.

The department has grown its programs to extend across business information systems, cyber security, data science, programming and software development, web design and development, as well as game design and development. For those with wider interests, we also offer innovation and entrepreneurship subjects, further demonstrating our versatility as a distinct point-of-difference study program.

Most notably, we continue to see research initiatives throughout our department support the wider IT community in establishing industry advancements. Such achievements have seen our Centre of Advanced Computing, Algorithms and Cryptography fulfil significantly important results in cryptography, particularly between 2001 and 2014. This has been one of the bigger highlights for our community, and we look forward to seeing our hub contribute even more towards the discoveries and research that support industry advancements.

Our department is reflective of our active and thriving broader community that covers interests across a diverse selection of computing areas. From language technology, cryptography, security, programming languages, advanced systems engineering, knowledge systems and category theory, our focus remains fixated on achieving teaching excellence to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Supported by our many inter-departmental collaborations and industry engagements, the Department of Computing is committed to continue to provide endless opportunities for all involved.

Macquarie University and Optus have established the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub. Taking a holistic approach to cyber security, the hub will focus on how cyber crime is perpetrated, how it affects the economy, and how it can be effectively addressed.

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