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Chiropractic Laboratories

The Department of Chiropractic now has state-of-the-art facilities to enable teaching of manual therapy and patient assessment. Purpose built rooms for radiology, orthopaedics, rehabilitation and case management complete the space.

The new teaching laboratory space occupies the whole of the 3rd floor in Building E5A. The space was operational beginning Semester 2, 2011.

Enhancement to the audiovisual equipment has been made to allow for the recording and presentation of chiropractic and other procedures for presentation during practical class. Remote video playback by students is possible enhancing the learning process. Multiple camera angles and mixed media presentations are used.

Tutorial rooms are large enough to comfortably accommodate the increasing demand for enrolment in the Chiropractic program. The ecologically friendly design maximizes use of natural light and minimises energy wastage by use of computer-controlled air conditioning and lighting.

The students have been afforded a sense of pride with the look and feel of the new learning space. Additionally, the staff find it a more pleasant space in which to teach.

The Department would like to thank the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Property for making this refurbishment a priority.


The Radiographic Positioning laboratory contains actual x-ray equipment that allows the student to simulate radiographic positioning and image capture without exposing student on to ionizing radiation.

Students play-act, simulating radiographic procedures both from the patient’s perspective and also the operators perspective on one of four different x-ray machines.

Once they have established competencies in radiographic positioning they move into the University Teaching Clinics where, under supervision, they assist in the taking of patient radiographs.

The Radiographic Learning laboratory provides an x-ray reading library with viewing stations so that students may improve their diagnostic skills and report writing.

The laboratory contains over 1200 pathological cases that allow students to develop further pattern recognition and problem solving.

All University Teaching Clinics are equipped with modern high-frequency X-Ray facilities. The X-Ray Unit at the Epping Clinic also contains teaching facilities for 15 students at a time to receive practical training in spinal and peripheral radiography as well as darkroom experience.

Anatomy Teaching

The Department runs introductory anatomy and histology units at Macquarie. We utilise the wet lab facilities at the Macquarie University School of Advanced Medicine where second and third year students do further study in anatomy in wet labs with cadavers.

Microbiology/Chemistry Laboratories

The Department has access to Microbiology Laboratories in the Department of Biological Science as well as Chemistry Laboratories in the Department of Chemical and Bimolecular Sciences. The department has also acquired laboratories for Higher Degree Research Students in the Animal Laboratories to be utilised for research in spinal studies.

Chiropractic Teaching Clinics

Our Clinics play an important role in the teaching and research activities of the Chiropractic component of the Department. These Clinics are also an important part of the Department’s community outreach and visibility. Students, staff and the general public are encouraged to utilise these facilities and receive chiropractic care from our final year Masters students.

Currently, the Department maintains three Chiropractic Clinics. These are located at Summer Hill, Eastwood and on Campus in the EMC building. These Clinics are designed to provide clinical intern training for Masters of Chiropractic students. Find out more information about our Clinics.

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