Student Information

Student Information

Bridging Courses

HSC Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics are recommended studies for Chiropractic units although introductiory units and bridging courses are available.  If you are concerned about your science loads and are interested in doing a bridging course, there are a few on offer. Please click on the link below for more information.

Enrolment Advice for Master of Chiropractic 2017 - this will be updated shortly

You need to complete the "I expect to complete form" and also apply through the UAC by the closing date of 31 October 2016.  Click here for more information.

Student Email

It is a university requirement that all students check their student email account. The Department of Chiropractic sends important information to your student email on a regular basis. This information is to inform students of important deadlines, application processes, exam information, timetabling changes etc. The university also sends imperative information regarding enrolment matters, fee information etc. To avoid missing important dates, announcements or events please check your student email account regularly!

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Please visit the Department's Scholarships page for information on scholarships and prizes on offer.  These are in addition to the range of scholarships on offer by the university.

Academic Advisors

Undergraduate Program Coordinators

Mr Chris Burrell, email: or phone: 9850 7694
Ms Hazel Jenkins, email: or phone: 9850 9383

Postgraduate Program Coordinators

Dr Stephney Whillier, email: or phone 9850 9387
Mr Aron Downie, email: or 9850 6382

When do classes start?

All Lectures start in Week 1 (ie the week of 26 February 2018) and some Tutorials and Practicals start in Week 1 others in Week 2. The list of start dates for Tutorials and Practicals will be posted here soon.


Our People

Lab Rules 

You must be inducted into the Lab Rules by your Tutor/Unit Convenor prior to commencing class.  These rules cover dress code, attendance, safety etc. while in the Chiro Labs in E5A level 3.

Supervised Practice Sessions, 2018

These sessions are opportunities for Chiropractic students to practise in a safe and supervised environment.

Running from Week 3 to Week 12 inclusive





















Consultation Hours

If you would like to see an academic please check the Unit iLearn page for their consultation times.  It is always advisable to make an appointment prior.

Student Staff Liaison Committee

The Head of Department meets with student representatives at least twice per semester.  Please send your comments to your student representative or the Macquarie University Chiropractic Student Association (MUCSA) representative for these to be passed onto the committee.

How to organise a seminar for the student body

  1. Visiting Speaker Form to be completed and given to Irene Stiros for approval from Head of Department
  2. Contact the Campus Life (9850 7610) for on-campus room bookings. Students are required to show the approved Visiting Speaker form to Campus Life.
  3. Campus Life will let the student know when the room has been booked. They will also advise the department of confirmed bookings.
  4. When students wish to book an off-campus room (i.e Lane Cove Road Training Room), they should give the completed Visiting Speaker Form to Irene Stiros for approval. When approved, they should book through the online room booking system at Office of Facilities Management (OFM) and specify that they have permission from the Chiropractic Department to book the room.

Research Seminar Series

The department organises lunch time research seminars monthly. Students are encouraged to attend. Visit the department Research page for more information.


For any  enquiries regarding clinic shifts or other concerns relating to the clinics please contact:

Rosemary Giuriato, Head of Department & Director of Clinics, on 9850 6992
Sarah Letby, Clinic Coordinator, on 9850 2300 or mobile 0458 717 286

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