Information for Chiropractors

Information for Chiropractors


Who can be involved?

This study is a practice-based study; we need you (chiropractors) to recruit patients (participants) to our study. The study is open to registered chiropractors across Australia and recruitment is open during 2019.

Why should I participate?

Taking part in BACE:C – A is a great professional development opportunity. You will learn about research and assist the study investigators in the recruitment of older patients with back pain. Once a patient becomes a participant in our study, you will not have to do anything differently other than how you would normally practice. We will independently follow this participant for 12 months, capturing important information about their back pain. We will not ask you to ‘do’ anything to the patient - there is no intervention, this is purely an observational study.

What is involved?

You will receive training on how to recruit patients to our study, as well as a practitioner information pack. Your patients will be asked to complete a survey in your practice prior to any treatment. After completion of the survey, you can continue to treat the patient as you normally would and the research team will contact them to continue the BACE:C – A study independently.

What next?

If you would like to join the team of BACE:C – A chiropractors, please complete this form. If you are already involved in BACE:C-A and have any questions or comments, please get in touch with the BACE:C-A team by emailing or calling us on 02 9850 6009.

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