Information for Participants

Information for Participants

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What is the purpose of the study?

The BACE:C – A study is an observational study that will follow the course of your back pain over 12 months. Back pain in older people is a common and debilitating condition, and we would like to know more about the type, cost and satisfaction you have with your healthcare providers.

Who is taking part?

We are hoping to recruit 1,000 people aged over 55 years who have visited a chiropractor for a new episode of back pain. These people will come from all over Australia. Participants will be asked to answer questions about their back pain, their general health and the healthcare they use, several times over a 12-month period. You have been invited to take part in the study by your chiropractor because you are aged over 55 years and reported having back pain.

Do I have to take part?

No, you do not have to take part in the study. If you do decide to take part, you may also change your mind without telling us why. You can withdraw from the trial at any time. Your decision will not make any difference to the medical care you receive.

What will taking part in this study involve?

If you are aged over 55 years and report having back pain, you may be asked by your chiropractor to complete a survey, prior to any treatment. In this survey, you will be asked to complete questions about your back pain, your health and socio-demographics (where you live, your education for example).

You will also be asked if you would like to join a longitudinal study on BAck Complaints in the Elderly (BACE). If so, the research team will contact you to determine if you are eligible for the study. If you are eligible and you decide that you would like to take part, you will be asked to sign and date a consent form. You will then be asked to respond to SMS and answer six surveys about your back pain over a 12-month period.

Who is running the study?

Dr. Katie de Luca is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. If you have any questions or comments about the BACE:C - A study, please get in touch with the BACE:C - A team using the contact form.

More details about participation

Expenses and payments

We are not able to pay expenses for your back pain treatment.

What are the benefits and risks of taking part in the study?

We hope the information we get from this study will help in the understanding of chiropractic care for older people with back pain. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable answering certain questions about their health. If there are any questions, by the researchers or in the questionnaires that you are uncomfortable with then you do not have to answer them.

Who will know that I am taking part?

Your chiropractor or a member of their staff will invite you to answer a survey about your back pain, prior to any treatment. If you are eligible and choose to participate, the BACE:C – A research team will contact you to administer surveys and cognitive assessments over the phone. Therefore, the staff at your chiropractic clinic and the BACE:C-A research team will know that you are participating. You are also free to tell anyone that you are taking part e.g. your doctor, friends or family.

Will my details be kept confidential?

All the information collected will be kept strictly confidential by the BACE:C – A research team. Study information is stored securely by Macquarie University for five years, from the end of the trial, before being destroyed. Only research staff will have access to the information.

Who is organising and funding the research?

The study is funded by the Australian Chiropractors Association and conducted by the BACE:C – A research team led by Dr. Katie de Luca. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with the BACE:C - A team using the CONTACT US form.

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