Our research

Our research

Macquarie has distinguished itself as one of Australia’s leading research universities, throughout outstanding achievements in terms of Centres of Excellence, Macquarie has distinguished itself as one of Australia’s leading research universities, throughout outstanding achievements in terms of Centres of Excellence, research income, citations ranking, its highly successful Research Park, and the commercialisation of intellectual property

The Department of Chiropractic aims to actively foster academic staff and postgraduate research particularly in areas of community health, complementary medicine and in areas that complement evidence-based chiropractic teaching, and contribute to research outputs for the general health community and ultimately the international chiropractic community.

The Department maintains a diverse range of research interests in such areas as clinical, basic and applied chiropractic sciences and community health.

Research completed previously includes:

  • Children’s spinal health and the development of a safe backpack;
  • randomised control trial of chiropractic treatment of shoulder pain;
  • the documentation and investigation of chiropractic management of common sporting injuries;
  • sports medicine;
  • the determinants of manipulation when associated with the joints of the human spine: a legal perspective;
  • the role of the foot in pelvic and lower limb biomechanics;
  • the relationship of stress, ergonomics and neck disorders to migraines;
  • physical characteristics of migraine sufferers, specifically in relation to work conditions;
  • chiropractic education and the cost effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for workers compensation.

Department Research Seminars

The department Research Seminar Series cover interesting and relevant research topics. These seminars are held monthly during the lunch break from 1-2 pm. The dates are added as and when speakers are firmed up. Title and abstracts are also loaded on this page.

Visit the Research Seminar series page for more information.

Research administration

Director of Research

Professor Simon French

Research Coordinator

Dr Roger Engel is the Research Coordinator in the Department of Chiropractic. Responsibility is to oversee the research activities of the Department, to promote research, to foster the application of research in the teaching of the Department, particularly from the view of evidence based practice. The Research Coordinator also assesses HDR applications in liaison with the Head of Department.

Master of Research Coordinator

TBA is the MRes Coordinator in the Department. His role is to coordinate the development of the curriculum design, organise meetings, liaise with the Undergraduate/Postgraduate and Grad Dip coordinators and provide advice to the Head of Department.

Ethics Committees

The two Ethics committees concerned with research are The Human Ethics Committee and the Animal Ethics Committee.

All research projects involving either human or animals must be presented to the relevant Ethics Committee in the Ethics Department. See “How to obtain ethics approval"

Biosafety Committee

A/Professor Subra Vemulpad is the Chair of the Biosafety Committee. This Committee reviews all projects which involve biologically hazardous substances.

Current research projects

Body Donation Study

  • Associate Professor Goran Strkalj, Department of Chiropractic

Body Donation Survey

Macquarie University Indigenous Bioresources Research Group (IBRG)

  • Assoc. Prof. Subra Velmupad (Department of Chiropractic)
  • Assoc. Prof. Joanne Jamie (Bio-organic and Medicinal Chemist, Department of CBMS)
  • Professor Shoba Ranganathan (Bioinformatician, Department of CBMS)


To work in close collaboration with Indigenous communities of NSW (Australia) and Chungtia village (Nagaland, India) to document their customary knowledge related to medicinal plant use.

We have developed agreements in consultation with the collaborating communities that entail equal partnerships. We have developed a multifunctional system with information on medicinal plants. View more on Customary Medicinal Knowledge base.

In response to community needs, we have also developed and are involved in educational activities for school children in northern NSW and western Sydney areas (Indigenous Science Education Program, ISEP).

Other collaborators:

Dr R Velmurugan, Siddha Practitioner, Chennai (India), for investigations on medicinal plants with anticancer activity.

Professor Jaye Chin-Dusting and Dr Natalie Lumsden, Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute, Melbourne

The role of posture and ergonomics in neck pain

  • Assoc Prof Peter Tuchin

A systematic review of chiropractic and paediatric adverse events

  • Assoc Prof Peter Tuchin

Past research projects

Australian Chiropractic Workforce Study


The Australian chiropractic workforce study was a multi-phase, survey-based, research study that included three main cohorts (registered chiropractors, their patients, and the general public) that influence the provision of chiropractic services and its workforce distribution across Australia.

  • Assoc Prof Rodney Bonello
  • Dr Benjamin Brown
  • Dr Sharyn Eaton
  • Dr Ramon Fernandez-Caamano
  • Dr Petra Graham
  • Ms Hillary Green

Australian Workforce Study questionnaires:

NSW Chiropractic Workforce Study

NSW Workforce Study questionnaire:

Chiropractor Survey

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