Our people

Our people

Rosemary Giuriato

Head of Department

Dr Rosemary Giuriato

Dr Rosemary Giuriato’s qualifications include the chiropractic qualification of Post Graduate Diploma of Chiropractic from Sydney College of Chiropractic in Sydney, Australia and a BSc (University of Sydney).

Clinic staff

Name Position Email Location
Ms Rosemary Giuriato, DC Director of Clinics rosemary.giuriato@mq.edu.au17WW 345
Ms Sarah Letby Clinic Coordinator sarah.letby@mq.edu.au 17WW 340
Dr Chris AgiusClinic Coordinatorchristopher.agius@mq.edu.au17WW 340

Professional staff

Name Position Email Location
Ms Kirsty McphailDepartment Managerkirsty.mcphail@mq.edu.au17WW
Ms Jinxia KeAcademic Administratorjinxia.ke@mq.edu.au17WW 341
Ms Ashley WheelerAdministration and Outreach Coordinatorashley.wheeler@mq.edu.au17WW 344
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